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The Many Different Styles of the Classic Shoe Cubby

Why mess with the classics? If you’re looking to amp up your shoe storage, a basic shoe cubby is the way to go. You have choices, too. You can either utilize the classic storage piece, an update shelf organizer or a sleek free-standing piece that is disguised as wood furniture. Cubbies are the route to […]

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What To Look For When Purchasing Under Bed Shoe Storage

So your shoe collection has gotten a little out of control again, huh? No worries, there are many tips and tricks we keep tucked under our sleeve here at Shoe Racks Blog that we’re just dying to share with you. First on the list: under bed shoe storage. “But that’s so obvious,” you say? Yes, […]

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Create custom storage with the drop front shoe box

There are some shoes that just require the Cadillac of storage. For those perfect pumps or flashy sneakers, it is important to keep them looking as new as possible and the only way to do that is to completely protect them from the busy environment of your home.   During a recent move I thinned […]

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