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Autumn 101: Composting leaves

Hello, October! I’ve been waiting for you! While fall officially begins in September, it never feels like it’s really here until October bears its head. Welcome spiced drinks, warm sweaters and crunchy leaves. That last one though. What do you do with all those leaves? You can rake them up, bag them and leave ’em […]

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How to build a cat shelter with plastic bins

Winter weather can be deadly for our feline friends. If you’re  a cat lover like me, it can be difficult to ignore the feral kitties that come begging for food. Sometimes these felines come knocking, but for whatever reason we just cannot welcome them into our homes. That doesn’t mean we can’t help. The colder months are […]

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Outdoor Storage Shelving Makes Saying Goodbye to Gardening Easier

As hard as it is to believe, summer is coming to a close. Even though it really feels like the last few months have been just a week or two, the season is coming to a close. Kid’s are getting ready for school, the weather is cooling down a bit (if you are lucky!), and […]

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