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Office prank – Mark’s desk gets foiled

We bought 2 rolls of aluminum foil and went to work on Mark’s desk. A masterpiece of shiny. For more photos, check out our facebook album!

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Organizing Magazine Subscriptions

Whether at work or at home, many of our clients struggle with magazine clutter. Magazines seem to pile up faster than any other kind of paper, and people save them under the assumption that they will get to reading them “someday”. So often, these publications just pile up and collect dust. Here are some strategies […]

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Organizing Home Office Closets

Recently, I have given you advice about what to consider when organizing clothes closets and kids closets.  What about a home office closet?  Many people convert a spare bedroom into a home office.  Often the closets are overlooked.  Most bedroom closets need to be retrofitted to work effectively in a home office.  Here are some […]

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