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9 Ways to Use a Lazy Susan

9 Ways to Use Lazy Susans Lazy Susans are among the most versatile kitchen accessories you’ll find. They make food accessible in your cupboard or fridge and can be used for serving as well. And they aren’t limited to food storage either! Use them for cosmetics, hobbies, small tool organizing and more. Here are 9 […]

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Wine Accessories – Affordable Gifts 2016 – Stephanie

Holidays 2016 – Employee Picks – Stephanie – Affordable Wine Drinking Accessories Whether you are purchasing wine accessories for entertaining, or buying gifts for friends and family, wine enhances a meal, adding a special touch to any occasion. Wine and accessories make perfect gifts for holiday hosts, as well as excellent stocking stuffers. Stephanie Hance, […]

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Organized Fridge

How to Manifest an Organized Fridge The organized fridge, while uncommon, is easily manifested with a couple of clever products and minor changes to your daily habits. Here are a few storage items I use to keep my refrigerator organized and my food fresh and accessible: Fridge Storage Bins Cold-temperature-safe and easy to clean, these […]

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