Category: Kitchen Organizing

Organizing with Kitchen Vignettes

Organizing your kitchen is one thing. Making a personal statement with organization is another thing entirely. A deluded prelude to kitchen vignettes Austerity makes a kitchen counter simple to clean. For two years I kept my counter completely bare. It wasn’t because I embrace a minimalist aesthetic, because I don’t. I just found that relentless […]

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Organizing as a Creative Act

Organizing Creatively – Transforming the Chores of Life into Joyful Activities When contemplating the mess of papers on your desk, the pile of clothes in the corner, or your chaotic kitchen pile that just never seems to rectify itself, what are some of the impediments to organizing? Lack of time is one for me, given […]

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Use Pull Out Cabinet Shelves to Maximize Storage

With modern kitchen gadgets, appliances, and other cooking essentials, space comes at a premium in any household kitchen. Even if you have a huge and fully renovated kitchen, are you using your deep cabinets to their full potential? Or do you lose items in the back of your cupboard for so long you forget you […]

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