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Umbra Jewelry Holders

Umbra Jewelry Holders – Lovely Gifts for All Occasions If you’re thinking about small gifts for your special someone, here are some jewelry holders that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. Umbra has a unique approach to design and marketing that distinguishes them from other manufacturers in the decor and homeware market. Stationed […]

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Jewelry Storage With Umbra

My jewelry has always had a way of spreading like bishop’s weed throughout the house – over the vanity, in the cabinet, and on the tables or windowsills (where I absentmindedly remove and leave them). Of course, I may suffer from an organizational impairment, which I am working on in therapy and at my job, […]

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Jewelry Organizers for Travel

Traveling, while potentially fun, can also be stressful. Finding secure, yet manageable jewelry organizers for safe travel and TSA issues are always a concern : What size bottles do I need for liquids? How should they be labeled? What kind of food can I take? For people who NEED jewelry, there are other worries, such as customs/inspections […]

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