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Jewelry Storage With Umbra

My jewelry has always had a way of spreading like bishop’s weed throughout the house – over the vanity, in the cabinet, and on the tables or windowsills (where I absentmindedly remove and leave them). Of course, I may suffer from an organizational impairment, which I am working on in therapy and at my job, […]

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Jewelry Organizers for Travel

Traveling, while potentially fun, can also be stressful. Finding secure, yet manageable jewelry organizers for safe travel and TSA issues are always a concern : What size bottles do I need for liquids? How should they be labeled? What kind of food can I take? For people who NEED jewelry, there are other worries, such as customs/inspections […]

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Hanging Jewelry Organizer – Small Spaces

There are so many different ways to organize as well as store jewelry — but what do you do when you have absolutely no surface space to store your pretties?  I recently moved house for what feels like the millionth time and the transition has left me with a smaller bedroom, but  a bigger closet. […]

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