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Back-to-School: Organizing Your Dorm Bed

For most dorm-dwelling college students, the bed is a multi-purpose piece of furniture.  Sure, it’s used for sleeping, but the bed is also a prime study area, where a student can lay out all textbooks, notes and other materials needed for an all-night cram session.   With the proper items, a college student’s bed can also […]

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Dorm Organization Tips

Dorm life is a rite of passage for most students and while it involves wonderful experiences like making new friends and gaining independence as an adult, it also involves learning to live organized.  Anyone who lived in a dorm their first year of college can understand the space-issues I am talking about.   And most teenagers […]

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Organizing Your Dorm Room

Well, it’s that time of year again when kids and parents are preparing for the start of school. If you or your child is heading off to college, you might be wondering how you will possibly fit all that stuff into an area seemingly smaller than a prison cell. The most important thing to consider […]

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