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Homemade Christmas Ornaments by Rebecca

Homemade Christmas ornaments make lovely gifts that you can pass on to future generations, but finding the time to make them, even for super-crafty folks, can be an issue. I personally love making gifts but in recent years, my life has not afforded me the spare time I need to create. Recently on Twitter, I […]

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Color Psychology – Organizing Your Home

Color has a profound impact on us psychologically, and while people generally have some awareness of that when choosing wall colors or window treatments, using color as an organizing principle is not so apparent. Color psychology is an interesting thing to explore when creating organizational systems in your home, office and play areas. Color Psychology […]

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Trending: Chic copper finishes create a bold statement

Copper saw a trend boom last year and the golden finish shows no signs of slowing down in 2015. We’ve recently had an influx of new copper items that we’re really excited about. When the following items first showed up in my office, I was hesitant. I see a lot of different finishes on any […]

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