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What’s in your decanter? Fall sangria recipes

A pitcher of red or white sangria is always a must-have for gatherings at home, but have you ever considered spicing up your favorite mix for fall? Enjoy these fall sangria recipes and storage tips. Whether you’re having parents over while kids trick-or-treat, a Sunday football game, or if you’re planning ahead for your Thanksgiving […]

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Stemless wine glasses earn their place among enthusiasts

Since their introduction into the modern world, stemless wine glasses have taken hits from traditionalists.  Today these simplistic vessels have earned their keep in the casual drinking community, and for many reasons. These sleek alternative drinking glasses are accepted by many thanks to their easy-to-store design, durable construction and more. Consider stemless wine glasses because: […]

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The benefits of storing your vino in a wine cooler

If you area regular wine drinker, seriously consider investing in a quality wine cooler fridge. There are loads of benefits to keeping your favorite reds, whites and blends at the right temperature. Here are a few: Environment: Wine coolers create the perfect temperature, humidity control, stability and exclusiveness that allows wine to maintain freshness and […]

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