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Reflecting on 2011

I like to think that reflecting on the year past is the same as tying a nice ribbon around a package – finishing it all off nicely 🙂 It seems to me like I can’t get on with the new year properly unless I reflect on what went well, what didn’t go well and most […]

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Quick Tip: Getting Ready For Christmas

When I wanted to write about Christmas this week, I wondered if it was too early.Then I saw two Christmas posts on a couple of my favorite “intentional living” blogs and I felt like I was in good company. So… onwards and upwards. When you think about Christmas, what are the aspects that overwhelm you […]

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Tackling Photo Clutter

Are you saving photos of people you don’t know so you can pass them on to your kids…who also don’t know them?Are you keeping photos of places or events you have no clue about, so you can pass them on to family or friends…who also don’t have a clue? Important Thought #1: OK, let’s start […]

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