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21 Clutter-Busting Habits

Last week, Rita brought her 21 Tips to Help Kids Become Clutter Busters. Today, she brings you 21 tips for adults! Our clutter does not come from being messy, lazy or disorganized, it comes from four goofy habits: ~Saving things that we never need or use ~Insisting on bringing in things that we never need […]

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Moms Need Desks, Too!

I don’t know why, but it surprises me every time. I get a call from a prospective client—usually a woman with a few children, telling me her papers are all over the place. I go to her home for a Needs Assessment and she shows me piles of papers on the counter, on the dining […]

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Trash Bags: They’re Not Just For Garbage…

Please join me in welcoming our newest “Freak” – Stacey Murray! My organizing supply tote is filled with bags of all shapes and sizes. But, when I go to a client’s home, I make sure my tote bag is filled with one specific type of bag: trash bags. Trash bags are the workhorse of a […]

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