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Everyone Needs a File Cabinet

In my last post I wrote about how moms need desks. Now I’m imploring moms, dads, students, seniors, space aliens–anyone who will listen… BUY A FILE CABINET. When a prospective client tells me of their paper challenges, one of the first questions I ask is, “Do you own a file cabinet?” They often reply… “File […]

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Trash Bags: They’re Not Just For Garbage…

Please join me in welcoming our newest “Freak” – Stacey Murray! My organizing supply tote is filled with bags of all shapes and sizes. But, when I go to a client’s home, I make sure my tote bag is filled with one specific type of bag: trash bags. Trash bags are the workhorse of a […]

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Time To Conquer Perfectionism

Can you name 3 of the top New Year’s Resolutions that people make every January? Do you know what my 3 topics are?? AHA! How perceptive of you. That’s right. The answers to both questions are the same. My topics are (and my passion is) helping people to 1) break the procrastination habit, 2) conquer […]

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