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Fifty Ways To Leave Your Clutter: Part One

Time to date myself here – Do you remember the 1975 Paul Simon hit, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover? Well, Rita has come up with a clever de-clutter version: Fifty Ways To Leave Your Clutter! Here are the first 10 – Check back in the weeks ahead for more! ~~ Take Time To Decide, […]

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21 Clutter-Busting Habits

Last week, Rita brought her 21 Tips to Help Kids Become Clutter Busters. Today, she brings you 21 tips for adults! Our clutter does not come from being messy, lazy or disorganized, it comes from four goofy habits: ~Saving things that we never need or use ~Insisting on bringing in things that we never need […]

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21 Tips To Help Kids Become Clutter Busters

(These tips can help adults, too) 1. Cleaning their rooms involves making decisions. The more you help to simplify the room, the easier the cleaning and the decision-making becomes. 2. Check out books from the library, and buy only the ones your children really love. Why spend money on books they’ll never read?

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