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How to Care for Everything in Your Closet

Guest blog by Kacey Mya, the blogger behind The Drifter Collective Whether you hate shopping or you’re already on your way to the mall, you probably spend a decent chunk of money buying clothes. In 2012, the average American family spent $1,736 on apparel like shirts, pants, shoes and much more. An investment that significant deserves […]

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5 Cheap Ways to Maximize Closet Space

Organizing your closet doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Read on to discoverer inexpensive ways to make a big impact in your space. 1. Shelf Dividers – Starting at $2.99 Add shelf dividers to the shelf above your closet rod to keep it neat and tidy. Shelf dividers help keep stacks of […]

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Celebrate National Sleep Awareness Week

Are you one of millions of Americans suffering from lack of sleep? Whether you are simply not getting enough sleep or if you’re not getting quality sleep, you wake up feeling tired and reaching for that double espresso to get your day started. While you should always consult your doctor for any health concerns, we can help […]

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