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52 Things to Toss Right Now

52 Things to Throw Away Right Now Need to get organized? Here’s a tip, there are several components to getting organized: great organizing products (and the skills to implement them), good habits, and reducing the things you don’t need. While we are always open to selling you things, today we would like you to throw […]

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How to Assemble Your Makeup Battle Station

How to Assemble Your Makeup Battle Station By Pamela Miller The makeup table or vanity has long been associated with glamor and elegance. But with most of us using a hefty list of beauty products, our makeup tables, vanities or even bathroom counters can quickly enter a state of clutter and disarray. When you have […]

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Industrial Pipe-Style Bath Accessories

Industrial Pipe-Style Bath Accessories – No DIY Required If you read my previous industrial pipe furniture blog post, you might think I’m a bit obsessed with industrial pipe. Truth is–I am. With fondness, I remember industrial pipe creations from my childhood inside the farms in my rural Midwestern neighborhood–including homemade pipe railings, grab bars and […]

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