Book Review – Organizing for the Spirit


book review - organizing for the spirit

Organizing for the Spirit – Syncing your Belongings and Life Goals for Purposeful Living

In our quests to get organized, we find on the internet, bulleted how-to’s, lists of things to toss, and helpful blogs, books and articles with solutions to our organizing problems. While these are very useful for achieving short-term organizing goals, they sometimes don’t get at the heart of why we save things, how we store them, or how and why things might get disorganized.

Sunny Schlenger’s approach to organizing stands out in that it encourages us to introspect and examine our physical belongings and put them in an emotional and personal/historical context.

In a beautifully written book that defies genres (it’s a bit self-help, a bit of a memoir, and a bit of a how-to, only with soul-searching undertones), Sunny invites the reader to contextualize their belongings and clutter in terms of how they relate to the past, present and future.

For Sunny, respecting our attachment to things and using our revelations as a springboard for making adjustments, not just to our immediate environments, but to our lives, is what is really required to achieve lasting change.

Our surroundings often signify what is going on in our inner lives, so understanding those relationships can benefit us greatly and help us create meaningful futures that reflect our desire for happiness as well as our current life goals.

The book is a joy to read and includes interesting anecdotes and topics such as “synchronicity,” “being in the now,” “being authentic” and “having gratitude.” A delightful mixture of East and West, in its skillful blending of soul searching and practicality, Organizing for the Spirit is a short, yet rich-in-content book to read on a weekend, and you’re likely to not want to put it down.

For more information about Sunny and her history, read the Interview with an Organizer feature on the Organize-It Blog. You can purchase Organizing for the Spirit on Amazon and find out more about Sunny and Flow Coaching on her website.