Back-to-School: Utilizing Door Storage



On average, a standard double occupancy dorm room is about 12 feet by 19 feet, equaling  228 square feet.  When dealing with such a small amount of space, making the most of vertical storage is the best way to store items without causing floor space clutter.  Using a door as vertical storage space is very convenient, because many of the options that are available require no hardware or installation.  The storage unit will usually have attached hooks that rest atop the door, providing support for whatever items you are organizing.  Here are some ideas on how to utilize your dorm room door as storage space:

  • Use your door as a place to hang all of your bulky coats and jackets with something like the OXO Good Grips Over the Door Hook Rack.  This storage solution comes with six hooks with slip resistant tips to prevent your items from falling onto the floor.  Considering most dorm closets are about three feet wide, hanging your coats on an over the door rack will surely free up valuable closet space.
  • If more general clothing space is what you need, use something like the Over the Door Closet Valet.  This item can hold up to 35 pounds and has ridged side bars to hold extra hangers.  Only need part-time clothing storage?  Another option would be the Over the Door InstaHANGER.  This item can instantly provide 12 inches of hanging space, holding up to 25 pounds.  When not in use, this item collapses flat and can be easily stored away for future use.
  • If you or your roommate loves shoes and cannot live without having many pairs on hand,  it would be wise investing in a product like the 36 Pair Over the Door Shoe Rack.  Constructed of white steel tubing, this shoe rack requires no tools for assembly and can hold multiple varieties of shoes from high heels to tennis shoes.
  • Sports caps are an ever popular accessory that can pile up quickly.  If you or your roommate are avid sports cap collectors, the Perfect Curve Cap Rack will solve all of your storage problems.  The cap rack displays all caps facing forward so logos are easily visible and can hold up to 36 caps.