Back-to-School: Organizing Your Dorm Closet



Since most dorm rooms aren’t spacious, it’s safe to assume that closet space isn’t going to be plentiful, either.  Despite most dorm room closets being about three feet wide, there are plenty of ways to store all of the essential wardrobe pieces you can’t live without.  Here are some suggestions on organizing your dorm closet and utilizing its space:

  • Most dorm room closets only have one closet rod installed.  Double your closet rod space instantly with the Double Up Adjustable Closet Rod.  This closet rod requires no tools for assembly and installation.  Simply hang the closet rod on an existing closet rod.  Equipped with six storage hooks to hang accessories like belts, purses, scarves and hats, this closet rod can be placed at your choice of eight heights to accommodate your storage needs.

Six-Tier Blouse Hanger - Chrome Image

  • Multi-tier hangers are another way to store more clothing options in tight dorm closet spaces.  The Six-Tier Blouse Hanger is able to hang six different tops on one hanger.  Each hanger arm is rubber coated to prevent your garments from falling off of the hanger and onto your closet floor.  You can also apply the same space-saving solution to your pants with the Five-Tier Swing Arm Slack Hanger.  Four rubber coated swing arms and bottom chrome wire bar provide hanging storage for up to five pair of pants on one hanger.

  • Adding some hanging closet shelves is another option to increase your dorm closet space.  A great way to do this is with the Six-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer.  This hanging closet organizer hooks onto your existing closet rod, only taking up 12 inches of hanging space.  Each of the six shelves measures 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep giving you plenty of space to store t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts and sweatpants.  This hanging closet organizer measures 50 inches long, however, if you don’t want to use that much vertical space, a Three-Tier Hanging Closet Organizer is also available that measures 25 inches long.
  • Taking the idea of hanging closet shelves a step further, the Canvas 10-Pocket Hanging Shoe Rackoffers a space saving solution for your shoes, while keeping them organized.  This hanging shoe rack will only take up five inches of closet rod space while storing up to ten pairs of shoes.  Each pocket is 12 inches deep and can also store purses, gloves, hats, and more.Corset Hanging Jewelry Organizer Image
  • Even your jewelry can find a place in your closet thanks to some great space saving products.  The Hanging 80-Pocket Vinyl Jewelry Organizer has an attached chrome hook that takes up less than two inches of space on your closet rod and is a great alternative to  jewelry boxes, cases and drawer storage trays.  If you like a little bit of edge, the Corset Hanging Jewelry Organizer is something to consider.  One side of this hanging organizer has 23 clear storage pockets to hold rings, earring and other small accessories.  The other side has 20 Velcro straps to store and organize bracelets and long necklaces to prevent any tangling.



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