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Capture Clearer, More Desirable Screenshots on Your Mac with These Apps

There’s no PrtSc button on the Mac keyboard, but simple key combinations instantly capture the desired screenshots and automatically save them on the desktop. So, you needn’t worry about where to see screenshot in MacBook. But if you have changed the save location, that’s a different story. Shift + Command + 3 captures the entire […]

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New Puppy: Starter Pack

Puppies are one of the most adorable creatures on this planet. They are rambunctious, spontaneous, and they wear their hearts on their soft fur. If you’re thinking of heading down to the local humane society to find a puppy of your very own, remember to get the necessary supplies! 1. Dog Crate Add a create […]

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Keeping Jewelry Safe and Organized While Traveling

Taking your jewelry on the go doesn’t have to be complicated. While a premium jewelry organizer — complete with a hard shell and plush velvet exterior — is ideal, you can also get away with following the tips below. From repurposing mint tins to breaking out the vacuum sealer, it’s easy to keep jewelry safe […]

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