Author: Erica

freedomRail Sale

Add value to your home, while simplifying your life with a freedomRail closet. The freedomRail components are sturdy and easy to install. freedomRail closet systems are adaptable to meet your needs, therefore you’re sure to find the perfect configuration for any room of your home from the master bedroom closet to the pantry. Now is […]

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Kayak Storage

You see them on lakes, rivers and even out in the ocean, but have you given kayaking a try? Kayaking has been around for ages, and is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the outdoor recreation market. What does that mean for you? There is no better time than now to give kayaking […]

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Wedding Bells

It’s summer-wedding season, you know that time of year when you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding gift. You don’t want something too expensive but it should be nice, you want it to be practical and fun, but not easy. To help you find that off-registry gift we have five unique wedding gift ideas […]

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