52 Things to Toss Right Now


52 Things to Throw Away Right Now

52 Things to Throw Away Right Now

Need to get organized? Here’s a tip, there are several components to getting organized: great organizing products (and the skills to implement them), good habits, and reducing the things you don’t need. While we are always open to selling you things, today we would like you to throw some things away (or donate them)…


Expired food cans, spices, dried goods and frozen food
Kitchen utensils you don’t use
Unmatched cultlery pieces
Nasty plastic food storage containers
Old appliances you no longer use
Empty jars and plastic containers of all sorts
Plastic silverware from your takeout dinners (clogging your drawer space)
Spare paper napkins


Empty plastic pots you have been meaning to use but never will
Unused golf and sports equipment
Old car mats that no longer have a car to match
Duplicate tools (if you get organized, you won’t need multiples as you’ll be able to find them)

Wardrobe and Accessories

Socks with holes
T-shirts with stains
Everything that you will never again fit into
Outdated clothes
T-shirts that pass the quantity of 50 (or choose your number)
Negative reminder clothes (that bad date or argument outfit you want to forget)
Scarves you never wear
Purses you don’t use
Shoes that are worn out or that you never wear
Underwear with holes and tired, stretched out bras
Coats you never wear
Uncomfortable shoes (really, you need to be kind to your feet)

Bath and Vanity

Expired aspirin and medications
Old nail polish
Old shampoos, moisturizers and other toiletries
Hair accessories you don’t use
Old makeup
Yucky old bars of soap
Towels with stains and holes (yes, they make nice rags, but set a limit)
Single (widowed) earrings
Jewelry you just don’t like
Jewelry with broken components
Dusty things (or just dust them, why don’t you?)
Knick knacks that don’t inspire you

Paper Clutter (the bane of most households)

Old newspapers and magazines
Receipts you no longer need (think about digital receipts)
Bills you no longer need
Bank statements
Tax stuff over seven years old
Outdated planners and calendars
Manuals from appliances and things you no longer own
Duplicate photos (or give away or digitize)
Expired coupons


Old cell phones
Cassette players
Orphaned cords, plugs, adaptors and wires (you probably have them everywhere if you’re like most humans)
Unused computer monitors
Unused Kindles and tablets

Donating is a great alternative to tossing, but tossing gives you immediate satisfaction and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Also check out our Declutter and Get Paid for It post for more ideas for reducing your belongings and freeing up space.