5 Unique Book Storage Ideas



“A book is a gift you can open again and again”– Garrison Keillor

Giving away books is hard, you’ve cried together, laughed together, and fought side-by-side with the hero/heroine as they navigated through a journey of hardship and personal discovery. Instead of giving away your favorite books when you are running low on space, transform your current space to keep your books prominently displayed without losing any space in your home.

Turn the page to discover new ways to store all of your favorite books you’ve collected throughout the years.

  1. Turn a wall in your living room, den, or sitting area into a mural dedicated to all of your favorite books. Use floating bookshelves or wall boxes to create a unique design right on the wall, or you can install the shelves in perfect symmetry and use the book’s colors to create a unique look to the wall.


  1. Freestanding bookshelves are the norm for book storage, but who says you can’t turn them into a spectacular work of art? This cube-style bookcase takes up minimal floor space and the unique angles are visually interesting so you won’t even notice they are bookshelves.


  1. Are you looking for a more rustic alternative to book shelving? You can stack wooden crates on top of one another to not only create more storage space, but add a vintage look to your decor. Use cedar crates to offer a pleasant aroma to the living room or bedroom space. Tip: anchor each crate to the wall to provide additional safety especially in households with pets or children.
  1.  Do you know anyone who constantly has a book in one hand? Never be caught without reading material with help from a magazine rack or holder. You can even use an over the toilet magazine rack (no I’m not kidding) to keep a book on hand so you are never forced to read the ingredients from a shampoo bottle again.


  1. If you are short on wall or floor space, there is a solution! Take a wooden magazine holder, turn it sideways, and screw it right into a corner of the room. This allows you to store books inside the makeshift shelf or on top of it, and you can also use it to store various odds and ends around your home.

Find all of these storage solutions and more at Organize-It. Do you have a unique way to showcase or store your books? Please share in the comments below!