5 Tips for Getting Your Backyard Organized for Summer Gatherings


Guest blog by Alex DeMarzo

Summer’s here, which means one thing: we can finally have backyard gatherings! At long last, we have a respite from the rain, from sleet, from snow… The clouds are gone, the sun is out, it’s time to invite some folks into your backyard for a garden party or barbecue. Need a little inspiration to get you going?

1. Make sure your lawn is in good shape

Whether you’re migrating to more of an eco-friendly xeriscaping vibe or you’re keeping your grass, make sure your lawn is in good shape! You don’t want to invite guests over, only to have them step in mud or fire ants. Plus, from an aesthetic perspective, there’s nothing summery about a dying lawn. One easy way to ensure your lawn is always looking its best is to lay down AstroTurf, or another artificial lawn option. While it’s certainly an investment, it’s one that goes a long way. They require minimal maintenance, and it keeps your lawn looking fresh—year round. 

2. Ensure the rest of your backyard greenery is healthy, too

Your lawn is important, but don’t neglect other parts of your backyard, either. Trim those shrubs, branches, and flowers! Pull those weeds. Make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Just like your lawn, while this is often an issue of aesthetics, it can be a safety issue, too. With warmer weather, new types of critters come out to play. Long or unkempt lawns, weeds, or untrimmed shrubbery can create nests or homes for rats, snakes, or worse! If you’re going to have folks in your backyard, the last thing you’d want is for someone to get bitten or even just freaked out!

3. Get an exterminator out there, if you need to

Making sure critters don’t have a place to live is an excellent place to start, but it’s not always the last step. If you do have a pest problem, whether it’s mosquitos, wasps, rats, or snakes, make sure you deal with it before you have people come over. Once you’ve got the landscaping bit out of the way, it’s simple. Don’t overlook this one or get lazy! Remember: during the winter, critters come inside; during summer, the outdoors is their turf. 

4. Think about how you’re going to decorate… or if that’s necessary.

Some people are lucky enough to have built-in lighting and, in some cases, even furniture. Consider the time of day and the type of activities you’d like to do during your backyard gathering. Decor considerations to include are lighting, citronella candles if you need them, additional embellishments. If you’re going to have a lot of people over, you may want to invest in fold-out lawn chairs. Maybe now’s the time to install that fire pit you’ve been eyeing. Maybe you want to finally invest in that BBQ. Treat your outdoor space like you would any indoor space, and make sure it’s designed for comfort and that you’re maximizing your space. Make sure that you have a place to throw things away! Nobody wants garbage.

5. Clean up

This is a broad one, but as important as anything else on this list. Make sure your space is clean! Pressure clean your deck or patio, replace any broken tiles or planks of wood, and wash down that lawn furniture. These things stay outside year round, so they’re more likely to get dirty. You want your guests to feel comfortable enough to eat and socialize outdoors. Pressure cleaners are cheap to rent, and finding someone who can do the cleaning for you can also be extremely affordable. One other consideration: If you don’t have a bathroom that’s specifically designed for your patio or backyard area, make sure the area in your house where people may be walking through is clean too. 

All-in-all, before you have a big event, ensure that you’ve thought carefully about your space. It’s easy to assume that backyard parties are as easy as firing up the BBQ and having some folks over. There are a lot of moving parts, though! Make sure you’re on top of all of them. 

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