5 Steps to an Organized Laundry Room



Household laundry is one of those never-ending chores.  With the arrival of spring comes rain and mud and…you guessed it – more laundry!  I can’t make it disappear, but I can give you tips to organize your laundry room, making the task much more manageable.  Follow these tips to transform your laundry area into an efficient and effective space.

  1. Form the Habit – Is it better to have a dedicated “laundry day” each week, or spread it out and do a little bit each day.  Both ways work – it’s just a matter of personal preference.  The key is making the task a predictable part of your routine so it just becomes habit.
  2. Create a Folding Station – If you have the space, create a countertop for folding with cubbies underneath to store laundry baskets.  You can have multiple cubbies for several laundry baskets, or if you are short on space, create one larger cubby where you can store several laundry baskets stacked together.
  3. Utilize a Laundry Sorter – Every family member should have their own laundry hamper in their bedroom. Put a laundry sorter in your laundry area to sort into categories, such as lights, darks and hand wash.  Even young children can learn to sort their laundry.
  4. Store Supplies within Reach – Store your frequently-used supplies like detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, bleach, etc. within easy reach.  A shelf at eye level or a rolling cart both work well.
  5. Setup a Drying Area – Keep a collapsible drying rack or retractable clothes line in your laundry area for items that need to air dry.

Donna Lindley, Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Rochester Hills, MI-based Organize Your World, Inc.

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