10 Storage Essentials for your Dorm for Under 20 Dollars


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10 Storage Essentials for your Dorm for Under 20 Dollars

Whether you’re living in a dorm, an apartment, or a house, you most likely can benefit from some extra organization. Here are 10 products that won’t break your bank, but will surely add flare and function to your home.

fabric storage bin

Denier Storage Bins

Simple yet attractive, our gray, fabric-covered bin goes with almost anything and can be stored on bookshelves, a closet shelf, or anywhere you need some extra storage. Socks, undies, shoes, or even paper or craft products may be discreetly stored while adding a neutral accent to your décor. Small and medium bins are available to accommodate your storage needs. Cost: $9.99-$12.99.

woven storage basket

Woven Shelf Bin

For a warmer, earthier look, this woven basket-style shelf basket boasts a contrasting, washable liner and a 12.25 x 10.13 x 7.75-inch interior for lots of storage. It retails for only $8.39 and a larger one is also available for a couple more dollars. Cost: $8.39.

clear bins

Stacking Crystal Clear Storage Bins

These crystal clear storage containers rock for small closets, under-bed storage, or for adding an extra bid of mobile storage anywhere you have an available surface. They’re stackable with removable lids, and the clear design makes for easy identification of your stuff. Cost: $18.99 each.

nail polish rack

Nail Polish Rack

You may need a different color nail polish for each day of the month (or week). Even if you don’t, you’ll love this shabby chic nail polish rack, with three shelves for plenty of storage and an easy, slotted, hanging system. Simply add screws (and mollies) to your wall and slide the rack over them. Cost: $9.99.

umbra over the door coat rack

Umbra Over-the-Door Coat Rack

Over-door hooks are lifesavers for living spaces with underequipped closets? If you have an empty door available, just pop this over the top—no tools required. Five hooks give you instant garment storage and Umbra included padded ends to protect your clothes. Cost: $19.99.

tie and belt hanger

Tie and Belt Hanger

Hang all of your belts and similar accessories right in your closet on this small-profile tie and belt hanger. At only five bucks, you can add another one for scarves, necklaces or other accessories (or see below). Cost: $4.99.

scarf hanger

Ring-Style Scarf Hanger

For dedicated scarf storage, this open-ended scarf hanger keeps your accessories organized for only a tiny investment. Cost: $2.99.

over door shoe organizer

Over-Door Shoe Organizer

Shoe addiction isn’t really a problem unless you have no place to put them, right? Well, that may not be true, but I liked the way it sounded. For small or inefficient closet situations, this over-door rack stores 18 pairs of girl shoes in an ordinarily-unused space behind a door. Cost: $19.99.

laundry tote

Laundry Tote

Store it, lug it and wash it! This fabric laundry tote is lightweight yet rugged, and includes a heavy-duty carrying strap. The clean, black and white design enables you to pretend doing laundry is cool. When not in use, just fold it up and stash it in a drawer or on a hook. Cost: $16.99.

compact acrylic organizer

Compact Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

Small enough to set on a vanity, and portable enough to stash on your dresser in shared-bath environments, this four-compartment organizer keeps your blushes, lipsticks and sundry beautifying tools organized and accessible. Cost: $15.00—on sale for $9.59.