10 Must-Have Toolbox Items


1. Hammer

Choose a hammer that is comfortable to grip and use.

2. Screwdrivers

Three sizes of Phillips and Flathead Screwdrivers for assembling or disassembling anything in your home.

3. Pliers

Locking pliers with a 2 inch jaw opening. Needle nose pliers are handy for delicate work. Don’t forget wire cutters as well!

4. Wrench

Choose an adjustable wrench that can reduce or expand in size.

5. Tape Measure

Make sure your tape measure is at least 25 feet in length, which works in most households.

6. Drill and Drill Bit Set

Go cordless for easy work inside or outside.

7. Level

A 12 inch level is perfect for most household projects.

8. Saw

A basic 22 inch handsaw or 10-12 tooth crosscut handsaw should do the trick.

9. Utility Knife

Choose one with a retractable blade for safety!

10. Stud Finder

Helpful for hanging everything from pictures to shelves on the wall.


Use a large toolbox to store all of your household tools so you can always find them.