Accessorize Your Floors with Bungalow Rugs!



This week, we’d like to showcase one of our favorite vendors, Bungalow Flooring! This USA-based company creates high-quality, durable rugs that are sure to make a statement in any household or business space. From the front door to the laundry room, add a colorful design to your household floors with a wide variety of Bungalow floor rugs. All rugs and mats are made with pride in the United States of America!


Stop dirt in its tracks, or rather yours! Keep dirt outside where it belongs by adding a doormat to each entrance of your home or business. These doormats are available in a wide range of styles and colors to complement the exterior or interior of your house, and several sizes are available to fit in any doorway. These doormats are crafted from polypropylene, which is excellent at removing dirt from the bottom of your shoes and trapping it within the fibers.

A rubber-backing keeps the doormat secure in high traffic areas – such as the doorway! Our popular pineapple doormat (pictured below) comes in a wide variety of colors and features a pineapple design in the center to welcome guests to your home! pineapple-combined

Stair Treads

Not a fan of carpet on the stairs? Neither are we! But we also recognize that going up and down hardwood stairs can be a slippery prospect for everyone in your household – especially children and pets. Add stair tread rugs to your interior or exterior stairwells to provide a secure grip when climbing up or down the stairs. These stair tread rugs are made from polypropylene fibers in your choice of color to complement your home decor. The rubber backing provides a secure grip on the stair treads while the top surface ensures you keep your footing.


Area Rugs

Create a cozy seating area anywhere in your home with a huge area rug. Area rugs are a great way to define seating areas in your living room, bedroom, nursery, and more! Bungalow Flooring area rugs feature a low-profile neoprene cushion and a soft woven polyester surface. The photograph-quality images and fade-resistant colors add instant visual appeal to any space. These patterned area rugs measure 66 inches wide by 46 inches deep to fit in any large area, and most are available in two smaller sizes as well so you can accent other areas of your home with the same pattern. From realistic nature scenery to modern abstract patterns, add instant style to your home with these soft area rugs.


Accent Mats

Small accent floor mats are perfect for adding small touches of style to any household space. From the kitchen to the bathroom, add a colorful and attractive touch to any space with these small comfort mats. Organize-It carries several of these small floor mats so you can accent any space with bold colors and designs. Add a small floor mat right in front of the kitchen sink so your feet stay comfortable while you’re washing dishes. These accent mats feature colorful scenery, trendy designs, witty sayings, and so much more! floor-mats

Laundry Room Mats

No one likes laundry day. But you can make your laundry room a little more special with a laundry room mat, which not only adds some pizzazz to your space but it helps keep your feet comfortable as well. Bungalow Flooring offers a variety of laundry-inspired floor mats – some of which have witty verbiage – to accent your laundry room and make it more comfortable to work in. The larger floor mats are big enough to sit in front of a side-by-side washer and dryer. laundry-room

Pet Mats

Your pet deserves to have a special place of their own when eating meals! Make their “dining room” extra special with the addition of a pet feeding mat. These mats are designed to keep your pet’s food and water dishes secure in one area, and the colorful designs are sure to please their humans! A couple of the pet feeding mats are customizable, allowing you to add your pet’s name to the mat for a truly personalized touch! Several materials, sizes, styles, and designs are currently available to make your pet’s feeding station truly unique. pet-mats-combo

Holiday Rugs

Update your holiday decorations with a couple of well-placed floor rugs and accent mats. Bungalow Flooring offers Halloween, Christmas, and other holiday floor mats so you can showcase your love for your favorite holidays! You can even add a Christmas Tree Rug (pictured below) underneath your live pine tree to ensure needles, water, and other debris are kept off your floors. Decorative raised images encircle the outside of the floor mat to add visual appeal.



Auto Mats

Don’t forget about your car floors! We spend a lot of time in our cars, but we don’t spend a lot of time cleaning them, so make sure you limit the dirt you track inside with car rugs!  Use these floor mats to protect the well-used areas of your car’s interior. Keep the floor in front of each seat, and the cargo area in the back, protected from harm with these durable floor mats. These auto mats are made of the same material as the Bungalow Flooring doormats for a durable, and reliable construction.



Organize-It is proud to partner with Bungalow Flooring! See the video below to learn more about this amazing company.



Celebrate National Sleep Awareness Week



Are you one of millions of Americans suffering from lack of sleep? Whether you are simply not getting enough sleep or if you’re not getting quality sleep, you wake up feeling tired and reaching for that double espresso to get your day started. While you should always consult your doctor for any health concerns, we can help you get started on forming a better bedtime routine so you can get a better night’s sleep.

Routine, Routine, Routine!

Staying on a routine is so important for everyone, not just your children! It helps your body and mind know what to expect, and that can help improve the quality of your sleep over time. Choose the same bedtime for every night of the week. No more staying up late on Friday nights and sleeping in on Saturday mornings. Doing this disrupts your sleep cycle and it will make it even harder to get up Monday morning in time for work or school.

Move Electronics Out of the Bedroom

If you are addicted to your phone, computer, or television, now is the time to kick the habit. Electronic devices give off a “blue light” that can disrupt the body’s natural sleep cycle. American’s are more plugged in than ever before, and it shows in the rising number of sleep problems people experience. So unplug! Read a book, play games with the kids, clean the house, work on crafts, or work on other projects around the home at least an hour before bed to help keep you on track. Place a charging station in the living room for your tablets and phones so you aren’t tempted to bring them into the bedroom.

Only Use the Bed for Sleep

This is one of the hardest rules to follow, especially for children and teenagers who spend a lot of time in the bedroom.  When you go to bed, your mind should know exactly what is to take place, and that is not reading a book, watching a movie, or jumping up and down. Even if you have to place a chair in the corner, keep off the bed until you are ready to shut your eyes.

Get Rid of Clutter

Let’s get the root of the problem – or all evil for the super organized – clutter. At its core, clutter is simply procrastination. It’s the pile of clean clothes sitting on the dresser, the unmade bed, the overflowing clothes hamper, and other chores that are left undone. This does nothing but upset you as you crawl into bed at night, and it takes your focus away from a good nights sleep. This amounts to two things: keep the items in your bedroom at a minimum, and keep what you do have in your bedroom neat and tidy.  Organize-It offers tons of products to organize bedroom clutter!

Clear Your Mind

Does your mind race when you turn off the lights? Decluttering your mind is as important as decluttering the bedroom. There are a couple of different methods you can try, depending on what works the best for you. Are you worried about events happening in your life? Try writing in a journal. Write down your thoughts, worries, and feelings so you can release them onto paper rather than let them run rampant through your mind when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Are you worried about what you need to do tomorrow? Create a to-do list before bed so you don’t forget about a thing in the morning, but you can forget about it before bedtime! Not a writer? Meditation may sound silly, but the practice goes back thousands of years and it helps people find peace within themselves. This in turn can help you find a peaceful sleep. Whatever works for you, make sure your mind is in the right space to get some much-needed sleep.

Accessorize Your Bed

Create a comfortable place to rest your head. Whether you need to replace your mattress, choose a different pillow (or two), or add a down comforter, make sure you literally create a cozy nest for you and your partner. Whether you prefer a hard mattress or pillows so thick you need a map to find your way out, make sure your body is as comfortable as possible.

You are not alone in the struggle against sleep deprivation. The good news is there are lots of things you can do at home to get a better night’s sleep, which will give you more energy and motivation to do the things that matter in your waking hours.


5 Ways to Organize Your Valuable Collections Without Getting Overwhelmed



Guest blog by Kacey Mya, the blogger behind The Drifter Collective

As a collector, you’re proud of the valuable pieces you’ve unearthed and gathered. Whether you’ve hunted down stamps, books, clothing, coins or photographs, you’ve invested time, energy and money into them, and they’re worth displaying.

But as the years have passed, you’ve accumulated many pieces, and now, your collection is disorganized and cluttered. How can you effectively gather everything to be able to get it under control? It might not be as daunting as you expect.

Sit down with your collection and use these five ways to organize your valuable and prized items.

1. Pick a Display Method

Before you start sorting through the collection, glass-displaydetermine the level of visibility you want. If you have old and rare books, for example, do you want to display them on wooden shelves, or would they be better off in something like a glass display case? Deciding on a presentation in advance can create a smoother process.

Each type of collectible item has particular display options. For instance, you can exhibit fragile stamps in stock books, albums or plastic mounts, while trading cards might go in binders or boxes. Figure out if you’d rather look from a distance at your items or carefully handle them to help you determine the best display method.

2. Separate by Category

When you begin sifting through your valuables, consider your organizational strategy. What categories best separate your items? Categorizing pieces by the year they were made is helpful, but alphabetical sequence can work well for something like vinyl records.

Group items by color, material, grade, genre, sale price, model or size. You can establish sections based on personal significance or nostalgia, but pick categories that are sure to make locating an item simple. Place clear labels on the categories, too — you’ll make it easier to find what you’re looking for and help friends and family make sense of your collection when you share it with them.

3. Catalog as You Go

As you evaluate and organize your collection, construct a record of the items you have. If you’re planning on selling valuable collectibles, your taxes or your heirs’ can be affected based on your records. Proactively prepare for this by cataloging the collection.

You can document the items with a written record. Alternatively, you can use a spreadsheet to input the information on your valuables. Now, there are smartphone apps for cataloging assets to keep the task simple and accessible. For insurance purposes, these apps are also useful.

4. Research the Right Conditions for Storing Your Collection

Use an acid-free photograph box to safely store valuable items.

Use an acid-free photograph box to safely store valuable items.

Many items, older ones in particular, can be damaged if they aren’t kept in the correct environment. Extreme temperatures are just one example of the conditions that can cause your collection to deteriorate — think stamps or photographs. Another potential threat is humidity. For coins, humidity is a substantial detriment to the metal. The coins can corrode when exposed to water vapor in the air. Other harmful environmental factors include acidic materials and pollution.

Protect your collection from improper handling, too. Your hands have oils, acids and dirt on them, and direct contact can produce premature wear and tear on valuables. Old photographs are especially susceptible to overhandling, so hold them by the edges.

The right lights also play a role in how well your collectible items hold up. Go for secure, dimly lit places, because direct light can cause fading, too.

5. Add Protective Accessories

Protective accessories can shield your collection from environmental threats and reduce the rate of decay.

You might place your sports cards or comic books in acid-free protective sleeves, for instances. Additionally, plastic bags and dividers can serve as functional protection for collectibles, keeping them protected from moisture, light and excessive handling. Plastic cases can hold items like coins, too.

No matter what, though, be sure to have a pair of gloves handy, so you can avoid transferring the oils from your hands to your collectibles.

Effortlessly Manage Your Collection

With a stress-free strategy, you can tidy up and display your valuable collection. Organizing your items doesn’t have to be overwhelming and frustrating.

After you’ve sorted through your valuables, you can confidently share your pieces with others. Achieve order with a helpful system, a thorough record and the right conditions.

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