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Wicker Baskets

Toilet Tank TopperWoven Storage Basket - SmallWoven Banana Leaf Storage BenchWoven Seagrass Storage Chest
Toilet Tank Topper
Price: $14.99

Woven Storage Basket - Small

Price: $15.99

Woven Banana Leaf Storage Bench

Price: $228.99

Woven Seagrass Storage Chest
Price: $116.99 - $229.98
Sale: $116.99 - $218.98

Banana Leaf Basket SetArched Wicker Picnic Basket - Service for FourWicker Picnic Basket Set - Service for Four3 Drawer Wicker Storage Chest
Banana Leaf Basket Set (Set of 4)

Price: $63.99

Arched Wicker Picnic Basket - Service for Four

Price: $89.99

Wicker Picnic Basket Set - Service for Four

Price: $94.99

3 Drawer Wicker Storage Chest
Price: $117.99

Banana Leaf Wicker Laundry Basket - NaturalBanana Leaf Wicker Laundry Basket - StainedWicker Storage ChestStorage Shelf with Baskets
Banana Leaf Wicker Laundry Basket - Natural
Price: $52.99

Banana Leaf Wicker Laundry Basket - Stained

Price: $52.99

Wicker Storage Chest

Price: $134.99

Storage Shelf with Baskets

Price: $134.99

Paper Rope Woven Baskets - JavaHamper and Basket Set - Rush and MaizeHyacinth Basket SetStorage Basket Set - Honey Brown
Paper Rope Woven Baskets - Java (Set of 3)

Price: $46.99

Hamper and Basket Set - Rush and Maize

Price: $78.99

Hyacinth Basket Set

Price: $79.99

Storage Basket Set - Honey Brown

Price: $112.99

Hand-Woven Wastebasket - Water HyacinthSmall Wicker Basket - EspressoBanana Leaf Waste CanSeagrass Wicker Stair Basket
Hand-Woven Wastebasket - Water Hyacinth

Price: $13.99

Small Wicker Basket - Espresso

Price: $13.99

Banana Leaf Waste Can

Price: $18.99

Seagrass Wicker Stair Basket
Price: $44.99

Woven Storage Basket - MediumCanvas Lined Seagrass Basket - SmallLow Profile Storage Bin - Banana LeavesWicker Basket with Handles
Woven Storage Basket - Medium
Price: $19.99

Canvas Lined Seagrass Basket - Small
Price: $14.99

Low Profile Storage Bin - Banana Leaves

Price: $32.99

Wicker Basket with Handles

Price: $27.99

Bathroom Storage BasketCollapsible Wicker Storage BasketSmall Wicker Waste Basket - EspressoWater Hyacinth Basket for Vanity
Bathroom Storage Basket

Price: $15.99

Collapsible Wicker Storage Basket
Price: $32.99

Small Wicker Waste Basket - Espresso

Price: $56.99

Water Hyacinth Basket for Vanity

Price: $13.99

Woven Storage Basket - Small SizeBanana Leaf Magazine RackCanvas Lined Seagrass BasketsBanana Leaf Basket
Woven Storage Basket - Small Size

Price: $21.99

Banana Leaf Magazine Rack
Price: $36.99

Canvas Lined Seagrass Baskets (Set of 3)
Price: $53.97
Sale: $48.97

Banana Leaf Basket

Price: $24.99

Banana Leaf Magazine BasketSeagrass Basket - Three-TieredLarge Wicker Basket - EspressoStair Step Basket
Banana Leaf Magazine Basket

Price: $23.99

Seagrass Basket - Three-Tiered

Price: $47.99

Large Wicker Basket - Espresso

Price: $20.99

Stair Step Basket

Price: $53.99

Woven Storage Basket - LargeWoven Laundry Hamper with Lid - EspressoWicker CrateSquare Wicker Basketnew
Woven Storage Basket - Large
Price: $28.99

Woven Laundry Hamper with Lid - Espresso

Price: $56.99

Wicker Crate

Price: $27.99

Square Wicker Basket

Price: $36.99

Canvas Lined Seagrass Basket - LargeWicker Basket Set - HoneyWicker Basket Set - WalnutWoven Storage Baskets
Canvas Lined Seagrass Basket - Large
Price: $27.99

Wicker Basket Set - Honey (Set of 4)

Price: $69.99

Wicker Basket Set - Walnut (Set of 4)

Price: $69.99

Woven Storage Baskets (Set of 3)

Price: $94.99

Rectangular Storage BasketWicker Storage BasketsRound Storage Baskets - BrownRound Storage Baskets - Natural
Rectangular Storage Basket

Price: $12.99

Wicker Storage Baskets

Price: $179.99

Round Storage Baskets - Brown (Set of 3)

Price: $79.99

Round Storage Baskets - Natural (Set of 3)

Price: $69.99

Willow Hamper and Basket SetWicker Stair BasketnewWicker Magazine Holdernew
Willow Hamper and Basket Set

Price: $69.99

Wicker Stair Basket

Price: $26.99

Wicker Magazine Holder

Price: $18.99

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Banana Leaf Wicker Laundry Basket - Natural
Find a large selection of decorative wicker storage solutions for your home including wicker baskets, woven boxes and chests, step baskets, and wicker storage benches. Wicker is a visually appealing alternative to plastic storage baskets and bins for high traffic living areas. Our selection includes an array of woven styles, materials and finishes such as banana leaf, water hyacinth or sea grass. Shop from lots of lined storage baskets, picnic baskets and other organizers with warm decorative accents. One of our best-selling containers is the Banana Leaf Wicker Laundry Basket pictured to the left, which features a soft fabric lining and handles.

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