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You can never have too much shelving in your home. Give yourself a little extra storage with some decorative shelving options from Organize-It. From free-standing to wall-mounted, we carry a number of household shelving pieces for you to display framed photos, books and other knick knacks you have collected.

For durable, high-capacity systems perfect for use in your pantry, garage, laundry room and more, consider our line of InterMetro Shelving. The InterMetro Shelving units are made from steel and come in a number of finishes to suit your design needs. You can choose from pre-designed shelving or create your own custom storage solution to better organize your home.

If you are looking for storage shelving that is smaller than our InterMetro options but just as versatile, we have a number of choices available to you from Stor-Drawer Basket Systems. Made from high-grade steel, these storage drawers come in pre-designed packages or can be customized from the ground up from a variety of different sized baskets, inserts, liners and rolling casters.

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36-bottle-chrome-wine-rack Review
36 Bottle Chrome Wine Rack
The company (InterMetro) was concerned about my dissatisfaction with this product, so they sent me a duplicate item. I was also able to find helpful assembly instructions online. This time, I was able
      adjustable-closet-rod-zinc Review
Adjustable Closet Rod - Zinc
This closet rod was great, worked nicely. 
one-inch-round-closet-rod-flanges-nickel Review
One Inch Round Closet Rod Flanges - Nickel
I ordered 3 of these Nickel Rod Flanges to go with the Nickel Rods I ordered Loved them they work great only down fall for me was they are not flat on the back looks to be like a lip that is extra saf
      closet-rod-center-support-piece Review
Closet Rod Center Support Piece
I had been to both "big box" home improvement stores & numerous smaller hardware stores in search of this apparent elusive piece. Your website was one of the first to pop up while attempting a search
8-x-24-glass-display-shelf-kit-chrome Review
8 x 24 Glass Display Shelf Kit - Chrome
The floating shelf is just perfect, I love the concept and this one is good looking and great if brackets turn you off. And it was easy to install. 
      freedomrail-shoe-rack Review
freedomRail Shoe Rack
I had searched for some sort of shoe organizer to help organize a couple of our closets. Because of the narrow size of our doors, most of what I found wouldn’t work. I also did not want to drill
cable-brackets-and-glass-shelf-kit-8-x-24 Review
Cable Brackets and Glass Shelf Kit - 8 x 24
I have now purchased 2 sets of these shelves for my bathrooms. The glass is clear, not blue as in the picture. Very striking with the cables, great for a modern bathroom. The shelf is sturdy and easil
      custom-size-closet-rod-brushed-gold Review
Custom Size Closet Rod - Brushed Gold
I was given a secondhand wardrobe with a compartment that needed either a rod or some shelving. It was a different size from standard closet rods/shelves and the only tension rods that would fit were
versa-clip-for-wire-shelving Review
Versa Clip for Wire Shelving
The product works great but couldn't find anywhere in the packaging what size hole to drill, called organizeit and they didn't know either. So to make your time a little easier it's a 1/4" hole. They
      12-inch-wood-closet-shelves-honey-maple Review
12 Inch Wood Closet Shelves - Honey Maple
I have only started installation but I am far enough along to give my impressions. I was pleased with the high quality. The shelves are beautiful and very sturdy. You must purchase all the various mou
metro-drop-down-shelf Review
Metro Drop Down Shelf
i live in a very small studio apartment in nyc, so configuring is an excellent method for making useful storage. i ordered this shelf to maximize space on a unit that is 18x24. this unit is 7 ft. tall
      intermetro-swing-hanger Review
InterMetro Swing Hanger
i love my intermetro storage systems and all of the accessories that expand their utility. this particular accessory was added to my pantry unit to hold my three-tiered produce basket at eye-level so

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