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Laundry is the one task that never seems to end. It's like the "American Pie" of household chores. Doing the laundry may not be the most fun, but with help from Organize-It, it can be made into a less stressful and tolerable part of your week. From clotheslines to laundry carts, we have a number of products available to help sort, clean and properly care for your various clothing items.

Organize-It carries a variety of clothes hampers and sorters in assorted sizes to fit the space needs of those who live in spacious homes to those in the close quarters of a dorm room. Regardless of your space, Organize-It can help you organize your dirty laundry, which will help streamline the washing and drying process.

Hate having to hand wash your fancy undergarments and camisoles? Organize-It also carries an array of laundry accessories, like delicate bags, so you can throw your bras and panties into your washing machine and not worry about them getting damaged with your other clothes. Other special care instruction items, like professional business attire, will be a breeze to maintain thanks to our selection of irons and steamers. Being able to press or steam clean your blouses and suits in the privacy of your own home is a great was to cut down on visits to the dry cleaners, saving you time and money.

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Top Ratings for Products

spiral-pop-up-laundry-hamper Review
Spiral Pop Up Laundry Hamper
SUPER COOL!! Nice color and good material. Love it! 
      large-canvas-laundry-bag Review
Large Canvas Laundry Bag
great bag for in house and outside transport just the right size 
wonder-hangers Review
Wonder Hangers
I had the plastic ones and I noticed that where the hook made contact with the pole was stretched out and had wanted to get these. I do plan on getting some more. 
      sweater-and-lingerie-mesh-wash-bags Review
hang-and-dry-plastic-clothespins Review
Hang and Dry Plastic Clothespins
Great product. I use them for delicate items that I don't want to put in the dryer. Great for traveling! 
      plastic-clothespins Review
Plastic Clothespins
We use clothespins as bag clips in our kitchen. The problem with traditional clothespins is they fall apart and have very little tension in their springs. Plastic clothespins are even weaker and more
bamboo-ironing-board-with-iron-rest Review
Bamboo Ironing Board with Iron Rest
After returning two cheap ironing boards back to Bed & Bath because I could not close the ironing board - I went online and found this one - super sturdy - large - opens and closes great I love it and
      rowenta-cord-reel-iron Review
Rowenta Cord Reel Iron
this is the second Rowenta iron I have owned, the first lasting 20 years. It is excellent, easy to fill, fast heating, tiny pointed tip to get it tight places. 
heavy-duty-laundry-bag-off-white Review
Heavy Duty Laundry Bag - Off White
High quality laundry bag. Great College gift with names/initials embroidered on it! 
      corner-valet-laundry-organizer Review
Corner Valet Laundry Organizer
easy to set up and works as advertised. thinking about another one. 
oxo-over-the-door-clothes-hanger Review
OXO Over the Door Clothes Hanger
A wonderful, compact and sturdy hanger that won't mar a door's finish. Folds up nicely to stay out of the way when not in use. 
      roll-out-cabinet-hamper-replacement-bin Review
Roll-Out Cabinet Hamper - Replacement Bin
Found the perfect size Hamper in this Roll-Out Cabinet Hamper - Replacement Bin. The built in handles on each side of the Hamper make it easy to transport to the laundry room. 

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