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Kitchen Organizers and Pantry Storage

Kitchen Organizers and Pantry Storage

The kitchen is the center of the family household. How could it not? Food is kept there! Since it is a high-traffic area, having an organized kitchen is beneficial to every member of the household, allowing items to be easy to find and within reach. Organize-It has a number of kitchen cabinet and drawer organizers to help keep all of your spices, baking ingredients, snacks, dinnerware and assorted kitchen tools and gadgets in order.

Organize-It also has a wide variety of food storage options, to help keep your food fresher for longer, which will provide you with valuable savings on your groceries. From basic microwavable containers to special dispensers for cereal, we guarantee you will find that perfect product for your food storage needs.

For kitchens that lack proper storage or counter space, we carry various kitchen islands, carts and racks that will add additional storage for pots and pans, common pantry items and kitchen appliances. Having more surface area to keep a microwave, a stand mixer or to simply make preparing meals easier is a great way to utilize your kitchen space.

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hagerty-silversmith-polishing-gloves Review
Hagerty Silversmith Polishing Gloves
Fabulous, inherited these from my mother’s estate. They were purchased at Marshall Field’s & Co. for $4.00. Sale price-regularly $5.00. Didn’t think they still made them til I fou
      chrome-banana-tree-fruit-basket Review
Chrome Banana Tree Fruit Basket
Not much to say. It works well for hanging our bananas, and has ample room for some other odds and ends in the basket. 
flexible-cutting-boards Review
Flexible Cutting Boards
These are very convenient and handy, dishwasher safe! Much better than dragging out the old cutting board. 
      oxo-good-grips-bottle-brush Review
OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush
Why? Becaise its the only one I have ever found that has NO Metal in the stem.Perfect for delicate glass coffee carafes. 
white-lazy-susan-turntable Review
White Lazy Susan Turntable
I got these to use in my closet in the bathroom for toiletries like lotions, hairspray and other things. They are handy and keep things organized. Also reasonably priced. Also would be nice to use in
      stainless-suction-cup-sponge-holder Review
Stainless Suction Cup Sponge Holder
This is the greatest item for holding anything! I attached them to the side of my nightstand and the side of my entertainment console to hold my TV/DVD remotes, to the side of my desk to hold pens a
liquid-goo-gone-stain-remover Review
Liquid Goo Gone Stain Remover
works great at getting tape and smusges off of surfaces. price tags and all other things generally goo’ey are gone! 
      whiskie-egg-whisk Review
Whiskie Egg Whisk
I’ve had this whisk for about 5 years now. I picked it up just cuz it was so cute and it was small. I can’t believe how durable this little whisk is. The little chickie fits in the palm of
oxo-good-grips-kitchen-and-herb-scissors Review
OXO Good Grips Kitchen and Herb Scissors
These scissors are fantastic! They cut easily through raw chicken breast so I can have chicken strips for stir-fry. They also help remove fat and anything else I don’t want to eat. My local g
      euro-fruit-basket-satin-nickel Review
Euro Fruit Basket - Satin Nickel
Good, beefy wire construction. Satin nickel finish matches other satin nickel finishes from other manufacturers. Hip item. Looks good with dark granite counter tops. A+ 
oxo-good-grips-silicone-spatula Review
OXO Good Grips Silicone Spatula
I’ve finally found a product that does what I need. You can’t use a metal spatula with non-stick surfaces, but the nylon versions all melt if you aren’t careful. This spatula is mad
      oxo-good-grips-can-opener Review
OXO Good Grips Can Opener
Plain and simple- this is the best can opener I have ever used. I have had one for years but my mother borrowed it and loved it so much she didn't give it back! I tried to use the one my husband prefe

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