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Smart closet organizers help you create a space for everything, whether your closets are small and cramped or large and disorganized. Whip any closet into perfectly-organized shape with our large selection of products. Select from organizers to maximize storage space and allow you to find anything by designating a space for everything.

Need to rearrange your closet space? We have multiple systems that will allow you to get all the space you can out of the closet space you have. All our closet shelving systems are adjustable allowing you to configure the components to your exact specifications. For example you may want to look at our popular freedomRail Closet Systems whose claim to fame is how easy it is to reconfigure the closet as your storage needs change. How smart is that? You can also do it yourself with closet essentials like closet rods , shelf brackets and an array of hanging closet organizers that can be easily hung in any closet to store clothing or shoes.

Once you have the perfect closet system installed you need to outfit it with all the goodies like shelf dividers, hangers, a built in wall safe or a wire basket system. Some of our most popular categories are baseball hat racks and Closet Valets. Organize-It is your one stop resource on the world wide web to find everything you need to build out your closet so it fits you like a glove.

Keeping clothing neatly organized is important, but what about accessories? We have lots of storage options for accessories including purse organizers, hooks for on the wall or over the door, tie and belt racks, and hundreds of shoe racks to keep all your favorites perfectly organized so they are easy to find. We offer everything from show cubbies to over the door shoe organizers.

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Top Ratings for Products

extendable-closet-rod-polished-brass Review
Extendable Closet Rod - Polished Brass
this is a very high end well made item for a fair price!! 
      umbra-jewelry-travel-organizer-mini-black-dress- Review
Umbra Jewelry Travel Organizer Mini Black Dress
Great product! I love it in black and the one that comes in pink! Thank you! 
cedar-hangers-for-woodlore-pant-trolley Review
Cedar Hangers for Woodlore Pant Trolley
It is nice to have more hangers in order to make even better use of the pant trolley. 
      freedomrail-shoe-rack Review
freedomRail Shoe Rack
I had searched for some sort of shoe organizer to help organize a couple of our closets. Because of the narrow size of our doors, most of what I found wouldn’t work. I also did not want to drill
wall-mount-12-hook-coat-rack-white-wire Review
Wall Mount 12-Hook Coat Rack - White Wire
Used it for re-organizing our closets for scarfs and belts, used two of them for the back of my closet.  
      freedomrail-12-inch-profile-wire-shelving-white Review
freedomRail 12 Inch Profile Wire Shelving - White
We used the freedomRail wire closet shelves to replace some older wire shelves that were falling off the walls and literally bending in our linen closet. We also purchased the coordinating shelf brack
vinyl-under-bed-shoe-bag Review
Vinyl Under Bed Shoe Bag
very useful and great way to get your shoes organized! 
      friction-tie-and-belt-hanger Review
Friction Tie and Belt Hanger
bought 3 tie hangers for my ties. they work well. keep ties in one place neatly can easily remove them from the rack. good tie hanger. would recommend. 
umbra-sticks-multi-hook-espresso Review
Umbra Sticks Multi Hook - Espresso
Hook (Look) no more by choosing this wall hook product. Its durable, looks good and serves its purpose. When you don't have anything to hang up, the Umbra Sticks retract back into a closed position wh
      hanging-accessory-organizer Review
Hanging Accessory Organizer
This product is ingenious! contains many in a small space and allows for easy access. I was so impressed with it that I e-mailed the info to my girls! 
canvas-20-pocket-hanging-shoe-rack Review
Canvas 20-Pocket Hanging Shoe Rack
Like another reviewer, I liked it so much it purchased two. 
      closet-rod-center-support-piece Review
Closet Rod Center Support Piece
I had been to both "big box" home improvement stores & numerous smaller hardware stores in search of this apparent elusive piece. Your website was one of the first to pop up while attempting a search

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