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Padded hangers securely grip delicate fabrics while helping sweaters and blouses keep their
shape. The wide, rounded shoulders of our satin padded hangers and canvas padded hangers
will not leave unsightly marks on delicate sweaters and shirts, while the smooth satin or
canvas material gently holds the garment in place. Choose from satin padded shirt hangers,
canvas padded shirt hangers, and satin padded suit hangers to organize your delicates.

Find a variety of clothing hangers and other Closet Accessories to help organize any closet. In
addition to friction clothes hangers, you will find a variety of non-slip Friction Hangers, sturdy
metal Wire Hangers, Plastic Hangers that are economical and durable, and elegant
Wood Hangers. Also, find an array of Hanger Organizers to help keep your closet organized.

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