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InterMetro Specialty Shelves

Intermetro Ledge ShelfMetro Commercial Wine ShelvesInterMetro Storage Basket Shelf - WhiteInterMetro Storage Basket Shelf - Black
Intermetro Ledge Shelf

Price: $26.76 - $36.11

Metro Commercial Wine Shelves

Price: $85.00 - $96.00
Sale: $62.99 - $69.99

InterMetro Storage Basket Shelf - White

Price: $32.45 - $38.18

InterMetro Storage Basket Shelf - Black

Price: $32.45 - $38.18

14 x 36 InterMetro Wine Shelf - Black14 x 36 InterMetro Wine Shelf - Chrome
14 x 36 InterMetro Wine Shelf - Black

Price: $22.71

14 x 36 InterMetro Wine Shelf - Chrome
Price: $30.28

Create smart, durable custom shelving for your home or garage with InterMetro steel shelving. Choose from basket shelves, ledge shelves and wine shelves to add custom storage to your InterMetro shelving unit. Combine specialty shelves with your InterMetro wire shelves or InterMetro solid steel shelves for a unique look to your home or office space.

Keep in mind that specialty shelves are available in limited sizes, and must be the same size as any wire or solid shelves you use. Shelves determine the width and depth of an InterMetro shelving unit. InterMetro posts will determine the height. To begin designing your InterMetro shelving unit check out these InterMetro assembly instructions. Finally, deck out your shelves with accessories.

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