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Clothing Racks and Wardrobes

Hang and Hide Laundry HolderPortable Storage ClosetInterMetro Garment RackFolding Clothes Valet - Antique Bronze
Hang and Hide Laundry Holder
Price: $19.99

Portable Storage Closet
Price: $149.99

InterMetro Garment Rack
Price: $177.99

Folding Clothes Valet - Antique Bronze
Price: $24.99

Clothes Armoire With ShelvesDouble Bar Commercial Chrome Garment RackDouble Flared Adjustable Clothes RackExtra-Wide Wardrobe
Clothes Armoire With Shelves
Price: $102.99

Double Bar Commercial Chrome Garment Rack
Price: $86.99

Double Flared Adjustable Clothes Rack

Price: $32.99

Extra-Wide Wardrobe
Price: $44.99

Rolling Chrome Garment RackDenier Clothing Wardrobe with Shoe PocketsPortable Clothes Rack and Carrying CaseRolling Garment Rack - 5ft. Medium Duty
Rolling Chrome Garment Rack
Price: $137.80

Denier Clothing Wardrobe with Shoe Pockets
Price: $46.99

Portable Clothes Rack and Carrying Case

Price: $143.99 - $167.99

Rolling Garment Rack - 5ft. Medium Duty

Price: $147.99 - $165.99

Folding Garment Rack - Dual Hang RailsHeavy-Duty Garment RackHeavy Duty Garment Rack - Split RailPortable Garment Rack - Double Rail
Folding Garment Rack - Dual Hang Rails

Price: $197.99

Heavy-Duty Garment Rack

Price: $77.99

Heavy Duty Garment Rack - Split Rail

Price: $260.99

Portable Garment Rack - Double Rail

Price: $176.99

Portable Garment Rack - Single RailWall-Mounted Clothes RackHeavy Duty Portable Clothes Rack - 5ft Double RailHeavy-Duty Clothes Rack
Portable Garment Rack - Single Rail

Price: $184.99

Wall-Mounted Clothes Rack

Price: $59.99

Heavy Duty Portable Clothes Rack - 5ft Double Rail

Price: $24.99 - $207.99

Heavy-Duty Clothes Rack
Price: $24.99 - $169.99

48 Inch Heavy Duty Z Rack Clothing RackZ Garment Rack - 3ft. Single RailRolling Clothes Rack - 3 Ft. with ShelvesGarment Rack Cover
48 Inch Heavy Duty Z Rack Clothing Rack

Price: $24.99 - $349.99

Z Garment Rack - 3ft. Single Rail

Price: $25.99 - $164.99

Rolling Clothes Rack - 3 Ft. with Shelves

Price: $341.99

Garment Rack Cover

Price: $53.99

Free Standing Closet OrganizerCommercial Garment RackCommercial Chrome Garment RackPortable Garment Rack
Free Standing Closet Organizer

Price: $99.99

Commercial Garment Rack

Price: $189.99

Commercial Chrome Garment Rack
Price: $72.99
Sale: $57.99

Portable Garment Rack

Price: $22.99

Rolling Clothing RackRolling Garment RackGarment Rack - ExpandableMobile Wardrobe Center
Rolling Clothing Rack

Price: $17.99

Rolling Garment Rack

Price: $24.99

Garment Rack - Expandable
Price: $23.99

Mobile Wardrobe Center

Price: $96.99

Free Standing Wardrobe Closet with Shoe PocketsWhitmor Supreme Garment Rack CoverFolding Chrome Garment RackMetro Canvas Wardrobe Cover
Free Standing Wardrobe Closet with Shoe Pockets
Price: $32.99

Whitmor Supreme Garment Rack Cover

Price: $34.99

Folding Chrome Garment Rack

Price: $62.99

Metro Canvas Wardrobe Cover
Price: $66.93

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Rolling Wardrobe Closet and Canvas Cover
Clothing racks and wardrobes are a great way to create additional clothing storage space in homes with small closets, or can hold seasonal clothing during the off season. Below you will find portable closets that feature both great clothing storage and easy mobility, rolling garment racks that are great for commercial use, house guests, or to use as a coat rack for gatherings, and men's suit valets that help keep a suit looking clean and pressed, and can also organize personal accessories. A number of our clothes racks, including the Rolling Wardrobe Closet pictured to the left, include a cover that hides away clothing for a more clean look, and helps protect stored garments from dust, pet hair, and other annoying elements.

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