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Cedar Clothing Storage

Woodlore Cedar SprayCedar Boot TreesExtra Large Canvas Storage Box - CedarWoodlore Essential Cedar Hang-Up
Woodlore Cedar Spray

Price: $4.99

Cedar Boot Trees (Set of 2)
Price: $37.99

Extra Large Canvas Storage Box - Cedar
Price: $18.99

Woodlore Essential Cedar Hang-Up

Price: $2.99

Cedar Drawer LinerCedar Coat HangerShoe Odor Remover Inserts - YouthTongue and Groove Cedar Drawer Liner
Cedar Drawer Liner
Price: $6.99

Cedar Coat Hanger
Price: $10.99

Shoe Odor Remover Inserts - Youth (Set of 2)

Price: $9.99

Tongue and Groove Cedar Drawer Liner (Set of 5)
Price: $10.99

Canvas Hanging Closet Shelves - CedarAromatic Cedar PaperHanger Rings - CedarWall Mount Coat Rack - Aromatic Cedar
Canvas Hanging Closet Shelves - Cedar
Price: $28.99

Aromatic Cedar Paper
Price: $24.99

Hanger Rings - Cedar (Set of 6)

Price: $4.99

Wall Mount Coat Rack - Aromatic Cedar
Price: $14.99

Aromatic Cedar Drawer DividerCedar Freshener Hang UpCedar Hanger Rings - LavenderCedar Chest - DIY
Aromatic Cedar Drawer Divider

Price: $9.99

Cedar Freshener Hang Up

Price: $2.99

Cedar Hanger Rings - Lavender (Set of 12)

Price: $4.99

Cedar Chest - DIY

Price: $15.99

Woodlore Aromatic Cedar Basics KitCedar Closet Accessory RackCloset Tie Hanger - CedarCedarFresh Cedar Balls
Woodlore Aromatic Cedar Basics Kit

Price: $13.99

Cedar Closet Accessory Rack
Price: $27.99

Closet Tie Hanger - Cedar
Price: $24.99

CedarFresh Cedar Balls

Price: $3.99

Aromatic Cedar Tie HangerUnderbed Shoe Storage Organizer - CedarHanging Cedar Belt and Tie RackWall Mount Aromatic Cedar Tie Rack
Aromatic Cedar Tie Hanger

Price: $22.99

Underbed Shoe Storage Organizer - Cedar
Price: $19.99

Hanging Cedar Belt and Tie Rack

Price: $23.99

Wall Mount Aromatic Cedar Tie Rack

Price: $16.99

Cedar Wood BlocksCedar Storage KitHanging Cedar Belt OrganizerAromatic Cedar Wall Mount Belt Rack
Cedar Wood Blocks (Set of 4)
Price: $2.99

Cedar Storage Kit

Price: $6.99

Hanging Cedar Belt Organizer

Price: $24.99

Aromatic Cedar Wall Mount Belt Rack

Price: $16.99

Cedar Fresh Cedar Power SprayPremium Cedar Hangers - Set of 4Cedar SachetHanging Wardrobe - CedarStow
Cedar Fresh Cedar Power Spray
Price: $3.99

Premium Cedar Hangers - Set of 4

Price: $10.99

Cedar Sachet

Price: $2.99

Hanging Wardrobe - CedarStow

Price: $199.99

Hanging Shoe Organizer - CedarStowCanvas Storage Bag - CedarStowCedar Shoe Care ValetHanging Shelf Organizer - CedarStow
Hanging Shoe Organizer - CedarStow

Price: $79.99

Canvas Storage Bag - CedarStow

Price: $49.99

Cedar Shoe Care Valet

Price: $59.99

Hanging Shelf Organizer - CedarStow

Price: $79.99

Rolling Pant Trolley with Cedar HangersWoodlore Cedar Shoe TreesHanging Wardrobe - Extra Wide - CedarStowHanging Wardrobe - Extra Long - CedarStow
Rolling Pant Trolley with Cedar Hangers
Price: $98.99

Woodlore Cedar Shoe Trees (Set of 2)
Price: $28.99 - $28.99
Sale: $22.99 - $28.99

Hanging Wardrobe - Extra Wide - CedarStow

Price: $219.99

Hanging Wardrobe - Extra Long - CedarStow

Price: $193.99

Underbed Storage Chest - CedarStowAromatic Cedar Suit Hanger
Underbed Storage Chest - CedarStow

Price: $69.99

Aromatic Cedar Suit Hanger

Price: $31.99

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Woodlore Cedar Shoe Trees
Use cedar blocks in closets and storage bins to repel moths and other insects and keep clothing, linens and blankets smelling fresh. Our five star rated Aromatic Cedar Paper is ideal for lining drawers and storage boxes. Also, the five star rated Tongue and Groove Cedar Drawer Liner also keeps drawer contents smelling fresh while repelling insects. Check out our cedar tie racks like the Hanging Cedar Tie Organizer, or our cedar belt racks and cedar hook racks to help organize and freshen any closet. To keep your cedar products active and fresh, lightly sand the surface or spray with Cedar Fresh Cedar Power Spray.

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