What’s in your decanter? Fall sangria recipes


A pitcher of red or white sangria is always a must-have for gatherings at home, but have you ever considered spicing up your favorite mix for fall? Enjoy these fall sangria recipes and storage tips.

Whether you’re having parents over while kids trick-or-treat, a Sunday football game, or if you’re planning ahead for your Thanksgiving Day feast, sangria is a great way to please a crowd. The first thing you need is a quality, glass pitcher. When making sangria, you need to pop the mixture in the fridge and allow it to sit for at least an hour so all the flavors can blend. Plastic is too porous and can hold on to past flavors, compromising your fresh mix.

  • Carafes: These slim, easy to use pitchers are perfect for small get-togethers. The Fontana Carafe is made with heat resistant glass, perfect for both cold and warm drinks. The fitted lid is spill-proof and only dispenses liquid. That means fruit and other ingredients remain in the pitcher and do not splash around when pouring drinks. Similarly, the Aqua Carafe has a spill-prof lid and a strong, double-walled base.
  • Dispensers: Expecting more people? Go the dispenser route. This glass Beverage Server holds up to 110 ounces. Plus, the handy spigot makes it super easy for guests to refill their own glasses without making a mess. The mixture tends to sit longer too, just adding more flavor. A cute chalkboard label and included chalk makes it easy to label this pitcher if you perhaps have more than one — it’s especially handy if one drink is alcoholic and the other isn’t.
  • Infusing pitchers: Pitchers like the Water Jug with Infuser are  great too — especially if you like to do more than just mix sangria. This model in particular comes with multiple inserts for tea, infusing, ice and more. This pitcher is so great for sangria because you can infuse red or white wine with fresh fruit and easily remove it. The plastic lid also has a helpful pouring handle and the glass body holds up to 60 fluid ounces.

Caramel apple sangria
1 bottle white wine (i.e. pinot grigio)
2 cups cider, sparkling or still
about 3 apples, sliced or cubed; try to use a different mix
1/4 – 1/3 cup caramel syrup
3 cinnamon sticks if desired

  • Alternative: Not feeling the caramel? Go for maple syrup instead and add some club soda in lieu of the cider.

Cinnamon pear sangria
1 bottle red wine (i.e. pinot noir)
2-3 cups of apple cider
about 3 pears, sliced or cubed
3 cinnamon sticks

  • Alternative: Use apples instead if  you don’t like pears.

Beverage Server Image