Use a belt hanger to store your most used accessories


Just like ties, it is very important to properly store belts. Also like ties, belts can be stored in a lot of the same ways and with the same organizers.

An archived Reddit thread has been bringing a lot of attention to our collection of Belt Hangers. (Thanks user, Shujin!)
So I thought it would be a great opportunity to delve deeper into the subject.

Here is what  un/Shujin had to say:

  • The simplest way to store your belts is to use a belt hanger. If you google belt hanger there are many different options.
  • If you want to make a cheap belt hanger, you can flatten out a common metal hanger and curl it into an S shape to hold the belts.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t want to hang the belts, you can keep them curled up in a shoebox, or similarly small box. I personally prefer to hang my belts so that they remain straight.


You will find lots of different styles of Belt Hangers on our website. Here is a break down:

Belt rings: These simple organizers are great for small collections. They’re designed to hang from closet rods and hold a handful of belts in a compact area.

Belt valets: These are designed to hang in the closet as well. Valets feature multiple hangers to hold belts and maintain easy accessibility.

Cedar: Cedar belt organizers come in a variety of styles, but the main feature is the clean, cedar scent. Using cedar organizers in your closet adds a pleasant, clean scent that keeps your wardrobe fresh.

Spinners: As the name suggests, these organizers spin so you can easily get to any tie or belt in a large collection.