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The Travel Organizer Everything Case for Makeup, Toiletries and All Your Sundry Accessories

Please note, the contest has ended. Thanks for entering. Please read about this cool bag and check it out on our website.

We’re thrilled to present this new travel organizer, as it’s sure to be your go-to case after reading this. Guys and gals will both love the multiple pockets and compact footprint, which means you can store TONS of stuff in a tiny package. It’s small enough to tuck inside your luggage, backpack or briefcase.

Four storage areas store lots of accessories – plus an onboard shelf is great for resting cosmetics, medications, diabetic supplies, your phone – or anything else requiring a temporary station. Folded, it measures only 14.5 W x 2.5 H x 10.75 inches. Unfolded it expands into a 35-inch wide super-station, giving you instant access to your most-used stuff by simply unzipping and unfolding the compartments. In other words, it’s both a case AND a place to do stuff while you travel.

Uses for the Orgo travel organizer are only limited by your imagination. Here are a few ideas, however. When traveling, store your cosmetics and toiletries and you’ll have them all in one place when you need them. The travel organizer features two zippered compartments that slide out to reveal a built-in storage shelf that’s stiff enough to span a sink and hold your toiletries upright. Inside of each compartments are elastic straps for holding small items and multiple dividers to keep your makeup organized. Two additional zippered compartments (one in each pocket) store those little things that need some extra security. Open the zippers and unfold the organizer over a sink vanity, and you have a full-service beauty station at your fingertips. When finished, just slide the zipped compartments together, fold it up, and tuck it in your drawer.

Guys will love the organizer too as it’s great for shaving accessories, supplements, mini-hair trimmers, chargers, sunglasses, passports and all of those things that get lost in your briefcase.

If you’re enjoying dorm life, this makes a great organizer when sharing bathrooms – plus it keeps everything consolidated and out of the way between uses.

When taking day trips, the travel organizer can’t be beat for storing craft supplies like pencils, paints and markers and the cool thing is that it’s small enough to throw in a shoulder bag when you get to your destination. It’s not limited to travel either. Use it at home for your drawing or craft supplies and store it out of the way on a shelf when you’re not using them.

You get the idea! This is an everything organizer for storing all those little things that get lost in your luggage. Here’s a quick list for where you might need the organizer:

  • Travel
  • Dorms
  • Hotels
  • Camping
  • School
  • Airplanes
  • Commuting
  • Gym locker room and more

Who might need one?

  • Kids
  • Grownups
  • Women
  • Students
  • Sewing and Craft Enthusiasts
  • Men
  • Diabetics
  • Frequent Travelers
  • Infrequent Travelers
  • Roommates



To show you how much we like this organizer, we’re giving one away (forty-dollar value) to one lucky Facebook user (sorry but U.S. residents only on this contest).

How to Enter Contest

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  • Post what you would use the bag for with the hashtag #OrganizeYourEverythingCase in the comments section.
  • Contest starts on November 18, 2016 at 8:00 AM EST and ends December 1, 2016 at 3 PM EST.
  • Void where prohibited by the law.
  • For complete contest rules, download this PDF.

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by Laurie Halbritter