Top 10 Tips For Emergency Preparedness on a Budget


Scouts-emergency-badgeAs some of you already know, September is emergency preparedness month. As I was doing some research on the topic, I came across a great website with some fantastic info on this very subject: Here is a portion of one of their emergency preparedness posts:

Top 10 Tips For Emergency Preparedness on a Budget:

This list was put out by but we have included our own links and comments in italics along with it.

1 – Plan for specific disasters:

Plan for the types of disasters that can happen in the area where you live. You may need to plan for a snowstorm instead of a hurricane.

There is no need to purchase preparedness items for disasters that are very unlikely to happen in your area. Check this post to find out the common disasters that occur in your area as a starting point.

2 – Create a personalized list:

Create your own personalized list. You may not need everything include in “ready made” kits and there may be additional items you need based on your personal situation. For example, if you have pets, you may need special items. Don’t forget to have supplies in your car and at work.

Another special circumstance is if you have small children or babies. You will need to plan differently. Check out our ideas on disaster kits for toddlers/babies.

3 – Budget for preparedness items:

Budget emergency preparedness items as a “normal” expense. Even $20.00 a month can go a long way to helping you be ready. Buy one preparedness item each time you go to the grocery store.

You may find that you working on your food storage can actually end up SAVING you money. Read our post about food storage and money savings to see how!

4 – Save by shopping sales:

Save by shopping sales. Make use of coupons and shop at stores with used goods. Don’t replace your ready kit items annually, just replace and cycle through those items that have a shelf life (e.g. batteries, food). You may want to test the radio and flashlight every September to make sure they are in good working order.

Use a service like Deals to Meals to help you save money on your groceries so you can buy even more food storage! [LG]Don’t forget to prepare for pets![/LG]

You can read the rest of the post here. Go Jodi and Julie! You have a great site!!


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