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The Best Juicer for The Juicing Trend: Breville

Juicing health cleanses and reboots seem to be a popular trend and have been continuing to grow. Some of the success of this health kick is due to the documentary¬†Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead¬†is about a man named Joe Cross who completes a 60 day juicing reboot after health problems […]

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Mark Can’t Stretch Like a Woman

Everyday at 3:00 we have our stretching session. It’s how we deal with desk-coma. We try to spice it up and do a new routine everyday. This particular day brought on this 5 minute stretch video lead by a woman, and Mark had a little trouble reaching his feminine side. Check it out: Make life […]

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How to Organize a Closet in 30 Seconds

Our first commercial turned out great, we had fun organizing & destroying the closet over & over again. This video features a custom closet in our Shelby Township, MI store. Mark, our web content guy, is the suave one organizing the closet. It takes alot of work to organize a closet, but it also takes […]

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