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How to Organize Your Purse

This blog post is for the ladies out there.  As the seasons are changing, now is a common time to change purses.  Follow these steps to start fresh and organize your purse today: Pick your Purse – The first step is to choose which purse you will be using.  If you are shopping for a […]

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Organized On the Go

Guest Blogger: Pooja Gugnani Whether you’re a new mommy or a veteran mommy, road trips with the rugrats are mostly inevitable.  Whether it’s a summer vacation to your lake house, or a short getaway, if you don’t plan ahead you will quickly find yourself on a trip to Insanityville! Plus, planning a road trip with […]

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Get Organized for Holiday Air Travel

Recently, I provided some tips on how to pack for holiday travel.  If your future travels include air travel, there are some specific things you want to consider before take-off: Book Early – Have more choices and save money by booking your flight early. Be Flexible! – If you can be flexible, you can avoid […]

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