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How to Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Along with the sounds and smells of spring comes the urge to open up the house and do a thorough spring cleaning.  By taking inventory of your cleaning supplies and organizing them, you will save time and be more motivated.  Follow these tips to make this year’s spring cleaning easier than ever: •    Take Inventory […]

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New Product Round-Up: Tuesday, Jan 17, 2012

We add a lot of new products to Organizeit.com that sometimes get lost in the shuffle until someone stumbles on them in their search for organization. After all, we have a pretty big inventory to start with! So in order to highlight exciting new products and keep everyone up to date on what we have available, here […]

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Customer Reviews His New Pantry

One of our customers kindly video taped the before and after of his pantry installation with FreedomRail products from Organize-It. Check out his story: Before After Like what you see? Tell us what you think! We’d love to hear from you! [If you’d like to get a freedomRail system of your own, you can contact […]

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