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Make Your New Years Resolution a Success

Well, we are now over a week into the New Year. How is your resolution to “get more organized” going? Are you making progress, or is it just another good intention fallen by the wayside? Did you know that an average of 78% of all New Year’s resolutions fail? What can you do to ensure […]

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How to Organize Your Gift Wrap

Paper and ribbon and bows…oh my!  With the holidays right around the corner, organizing your gift wrapping supplies will have an immediate benefit.  A common result of any type of disorganization is the frustration of having to go out and buy something you know you already have but can’t find.  These supplies are no exception.  […]

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Make a List & Check it Twice

Planning and organizing for the holiday season will save you travel time, money, and frustration. Lists are a helpful way to keep track of all the things running around in your head. Make a list and check it twice: Here’s a few helpful lists to try: Idea list: Make a list of people your buying […]

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