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9 Ways to Use a Lazy Susan

9 Ways to Use Lazy Susans Lazy Susans are among the most versatile kitchen accessories you’ll find. They make food accessible in your cupboard or fridge and can be used for serving as well. And they aren’t limited to food storage either! Use them for cosmetics, hobbies, small tool organizing and more. Here are 9 […]

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How to Organize Your Spices

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I want to continue along the kitchen theme.  Does the following situation sound familiar?  You are in the middle of a recipe and go to your spices to find the one you need.  You spot it behind several others and try to carefully lift it out, but instead you create a […]

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Organizing Your Baking Supplies

This past weekend, I participated in a fundraiser to make and sell 1,500 apple pies at the local Arts and Apples Festival.  Since baking is on my mind, I thought I would give you some tips to help you organize your baking supplies. If you have ever burned something while you are looking for an […]

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