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Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas

Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas to Protect Your Precious Keepsakes Post-Christmas storage is always the saddest part of the holidays, but if you plan now, you’ll be prepared when the holidays come. Ornament, tree, wreath, china and wrapping paper storage are a few the of the holiday items we have to worry about and I have […]

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Christmas Storage Solutions from OrganizeIt.com

Christmas is next week, and the New Year is not far behind.  Once the holiday season is over, we all have the joy of taking down and storing all of this holiday decorations until next year.  While this task is sometimes laborious, here are some products from OrganizeIt.com that will make storing your holiday decor […]

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My Favorite Seasonal Storage Solutions

Another holiday season has flown by, and we are left with the task of taking down decorations and packing them away until next year.  Now is the best time of year to organize your decorations to make next holiday season easier.  There are so many organizational products now that are geared especially for storing holiday […]

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