Simple Kitchen Storage Helpers


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Kitchen Wrap Organizer
Stop struggling with your kitchen wraps with this organizer. No more slamming every type of wrap you own into a drawer because it doesn’t fit properly or just too crowded. This solution holds up to 9 rolls of wrappers and can be easily tucked under a sink, in a cabinet or the pantry.

Shelf Risers
The adjustable shelf organizer helps you identify and select items clearly. Rummaging through tons of spices, toppings, or ingredients on one level is a pain. Save your time and frustation by using this organizer because visibility & accessibility is key!

2 Tier Lazy Susan Turntable
This lazy susan is far from lazy, it does all the work for you! It literally doubles your storage space and makes accessing items in your cabinet convenient.

Mounted Rotating Mug Rack
A rotating mug rack really does help you space in your cabinets. The rotating feature makes it easy to grab each cup wherever it ends up.

Scroll Mug Rack - Coffee Mug Tree
If you want to boot out your mugs from your cabinet completely, then this is stylish option that could be integrated with any decor.

Do you have wire shelving in your pantry? Sick of things falling through or tipping over? These shelf liners do just the trick.

Cabinet Door Lid Rack
This vertical Lid rack for your pots saves you the trouble of scattered lids and places them in one easily accessible place organized by size. Mounted to your cabinet door, you’ll never have to get on your hands & knees to look for them again!

Under Cabinet Shelf Organizer
Have extra space for these on your shelf? They simply slide onto a shelf up to 3/4″ thick allowing you to store more in your pantry.

Now that you’ve got a few organizers to stir up some ideas, organize that kitchen to make it a cooking haven!

For more kitchen storage ideas, visit Organize-It.