Product Spotlight: Potting Benches


potting benches

Product Spotlight: Potting Benches

There’s nothing more satisfying than nurturing a plant from seedling to a mature, bountiful, ornamental or copious heirloom tomato. Of course, you can do your repotting, pruning and other small gardening tasks on a porch, in your kitchen, or anywhere, but nothing beats a well-designed potting bench for completing these tasks.

Features such as drawers, shelves and tool holders add efficiency to your green hobby–plus you can display your potted beauties right on the bench. Here are some of our favorite wood potting benches which come in a pleasing array of finishes to complement your garden decor. Find them at Organize-It.

Cedar Potting Bench

cedar potting bench
You’re sure to enjoy the warm tones of this bug and weather-resistant cedar potting bench. Robus–with lots of storage space, this table adds utility and visual interest to your garden.

Lattice-Backed Potting Bench

lattice potting bench

The lattice is a nice decorative addition to this bench. Morning glories or climbing clematis anyone?

Potting Bench with Cabinet

deluxe potting bench with cabinet

For when you need extra concealed or secure storage. This hardwood bench features an easy-to-clean galvanized work surface.

Deluxe Potting Bench with Shelves

deluxe potting bench with shelves

Economically priced and made from sturdy fir, this model features a utility drawer, a side-mounted tool rack, and a handy basin for pruning and other plant-care tasks.




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