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Celebrate organization this Independence Day with some fun red, white, and blue products!

The Best Juicer for The Juicing Trend: Breville

Juicing health cleanses and reboots seem to be a popular trend and have been continuing to grow. Some of the success of this health kick is due to the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is about a man named Joe Cross who completes a 60 day juicing reboot after health problems urge him to make some changes to his diet and lifestyle. Joe inspires others throughout his journey to follow in his footsteps and in turn inspires the viewers to give juicing a try. It was truly incredible to see the health results just from simply adding some fruit and vegetable juice to your diet.

Joe Cross also has his own blog (Reboot with Joe) to start people out on the right foot and provides tips, recipes, and fitness guides. Joe’s juicer of choice during his journey to wellness was the Breville juicer.

Here is a clip of Joe Cross talking about Breville Juicer.

Check out two different models of the Breville Juicer at Organize-It! Buying a quality juicer that will last is essential in the juicing process. Pick up your Breville juicer and get juicing today!

Breville Juicer – Juice Fountain Plus                                   Breville Juice Fountain – Compact


College Essentials For Your Recent Graduate!

Graduation is an exciting time! Families and friends gather to celebrate how far you’ve come and to help you open the next chapter of your life: college! You should change it up this year and instead of giving your recent graduate money,  give your graduate the gift of organization! Here are some perfect ideas for the next chapter and to help get a jump start on some college essentials.

Rolling Laptop DeskThis is great for saving space in your dorm room. Don’t worry about spending extra money on a large desk that takes up too much space.  You can even sit on your bed and roll this laptop desk over to you and work there. Another great use is when you’re watching a movie on your laptop. Pull up full screen, set your computer on this stand, and sit back and enjoy the movie without your computer overheating on your lap. We all know how small those dorm rooms can be,  so save as much space as you can. Your clothes will need a space on the floor to be thrown anyways.

Laptop bag

Messenger and Laptop Bag – This size bag is perfect for most standard laptop sizes. Having a travel laptop bag that is not too bulky and that can easily be carried like a messenger bag is essential for campus life and traveling home for the holidays.

Cabidor Hinge Mounted Closet – Cabidor makes several styles of the hinge mounted organizer. I wish I would have had one of these around while I was in college.  So much space can be saved with this because it allows you to have an extra storage cabinet in your room without taking up any space whatsoever!

The Jewelry Cabidor is perfect for girls with lots of jewelry. I love that there is a mirror inside the cabinet as well as a full length one on the back!

The Full Size Mirrored Cabinet is great for bathroom storage or extra bedroom storage. Simply hook onto any door hinge in your dorm. There is a full length mirror on the back of the cabinet and the interior is completely customizable.


Pop Up Micro Mesh Clothes Hamper – It is very difficult to keep your clothes off of the floor when you have thrown them there after a long night of studying.  At least when you do need to collect your dirty laundry, you have a light weight hamper to do it with. Folds flat to put away while not in use and is light enough to transport your dirty clothes in on your trip to the laundry mat or Mom and Dads.


Over the Door Shoe Organizer – Blends right in with your door while holding your extra shoes when not in use. This organizer is great for saving closet space and keeping your floor clutter and shoe free.


Chalk Wall Organizer – Stay organized by keeping your school schedule handy. This Organizer has the days of the week to write in notes as well as your schedule. It can also hold other office supplies.


All of these items will help you save space in your dorm and make your graduates life much easier. Get them off to a great start and congratulations to the Class of 2014 from Organize-It!