Super Bowl Party Supplies–Some Favorites


Super Bowl Party Supplies

Planning a Super Bowl Party? Let Organize-It Help!

Plan now for your Super Bowl shindig and you’ll actually be able to enjoy the party yourself on game day. Whether you have a small gathering or large crowd, we’ve got you covered for all your party supplies, whether you want it casual or upscale.

Ice Buckets

plastic ice bucketPlastic beverage tubs are inexpensive and the cool thing is that you can repurpose them for storage when you’re not having a party—or use them to lug your belongings from one room to another. Heavy-duty and yet, fairly lightweight, our tubs are a great multi-purpose tool to have around the house and yard. They’re about 20 by 16 inches, meaning they store a lot toys, craft supplies and other household items. They come in lots of fun colors. Just fill with ice and stock them with beer, soda and other beverages.

copper hammered ice bucketFor a more upscale ice bucket, this hammered copper bucket really shines (no pun intended) and will definitely make great eye candy at your party. A smooth, cylindrical 7.5-gallon copper bucket is also available.

Warm Food Servers

copper chafing dishSpeaking of upscale, we carry several copper food warmer/servers that will also dazzle your guests while keeping food warm for hours. You can also opt for the more traditional, sleek, stainless steel look. Available in a range of sizes to accommodate your serving needs, these servers are great for games, graduations, birthdays, wakes and holidays.

Pizza Accessories

wooden pizza peelPizza is a great game day food and whether you make it from scratch or buy locally, this acacia pizza peel makes an attractive server (plus you can use it to transfer pizza from the oven to your table). OXO’s compact pizza wheel is an efficient way to slice your creations and the handle-free design takes up little storage space in your drawers.

Mexican Food

taco trayTacos, burritos and chips make great party food and are easy to prepare (or buy). This taco tray is great for serving tacos as it holds them upright and it doubles as a hotdog tray (also an easy party food). Alternately, the taco proper holders come in a set of 12 and allow for individual place settings. For burritos or soft tacos, this oven and microwave-safe, stoneware tortilla server keeps a stack of tortillas warm and handy OXO chip clips are great for resealing and saving your nacho and other chips.

football corn holdersYou might not think to make corn on the cob until you see these novelty football corn holders. Boiling corn is easy and throwing the cobs on the grill is another option. Your food planning can be as easy or as hard as you make it, you know.

Restaurant-style food baskets are great for eating in front of the TV. Line them with wax paper for easy cleanup after the game.

Serving Trays

chrome traysIt’s okay to use those store-bought, vacuum-formed things but if you prepare your own party food, that’s not an option. These ceramic buffet trays come in a set of three and are tiered for compact storage in your cupboard. Use them for snacks, desserts and other foods. We have lots of other servers on our buffet page.
snack serversDeviled eggs anyone? Yes, you can eat them in the winter too. Eggs always display better with a dedicated tray. The clear acrylic bottom holds ice for chilling the appetizer—or uses it as a standalone for vegetables and other foods. The egg tray is stainless steel and contrasts nicely with the acrylic bottom.

Snack servers are perfect for dry snacks including nuts and pretzels. These glass snack holders double as vases when you’re not in party mode. Other serving dishes can be found on our serving dish page.


What’s a Super Bowl party without football-themed décor? Lexi Tollefsen has great DIY party decoration ideas in her HuffPost piece, 13 Super Bowl Party Ideas for People Who Don’t Care About the Game, and they’re all super-easy and inexpensive.

football chair and ottomanDiehard football fans might be willing to pop on this football chair and ottoman. This also makes a great Father’s Day gift. Add the matching football lamp and the man cave becomes a true football junkie retreat.

Enjoy your gathering and thanks for letting Organize-It help organize your Super Bowl party.

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Hockey Gear Storage


Hockey Gear Storage

Find lots of products for storing hockey gear and other sports equipment at Organize-It.


Holiday Dinnerware Storage Solutions


Holiday Dinnerware Storage SolutionsWhile it’s sad dismantling holiday decorations, it’s also an opportunity to get more organized for next year (and for all future holidays). Did you have trouble finding decorations this holiday? Are there more efficient ways to store your decorations and dinnerware? One thing that surprised me when I came to work at Organize-It was just how many products there were to store and protect holiday items.

Dinnerware is one of those things that really need extra care when storing. If you are fortunate enough to have dedicated holiday dinnerware, you’ll be happy to find there are efficient ways to store and protect it year round. Storage cases for plates, cups and even stemware keep your service pieces clean, safe and locatable.

Holiday Plate Storage

Holiday Plate Storage Box

With 12 felt plate protectors, carrying handles, and a convenient front-viewing window, you’ll have easy access to your dinner plates with this handy plate storage box. It’s made of sturdy, reinforced polypropylene and easily stashes in a closet, the basement or an attic. It measures 10.25 wide by 8.25 inches high for compact storage. A matching dessert plate storage is available in a 9.25-inch size.

Holiday Stemware Storage

Holiday Wine Glass Storage Box

Chances are, you don’t normally have a need for lots of wine glasses in your cupboard, and unless you have a wineglass rack, that space might be used for items you use daily. This wine storage box holds 12 glasses and has thick partitions to keep the glasses from touching. It measures 17 inches wide by 13 deep by 8.5 inches tall. Like the plate storage box, this includes a smartly-designed viewing window.

Holiday Cup Storage

Holiday Cup Storage Box

Also with sturdy dividers, the cup storage box safely protects 12 cups and has a low profile at 15.5 wide by 5.5 high by 13.24 deep inches.

Holiday Dinnerware Storage Set

Holiday Dinnerware Storage Set

Another option for storing holiday dinnerware is this economical all-in-one, quilted dinnerware storage set with quilted holders for bowls, plates, saucers and cups (6 total), in a variety of common sizes.

These are only a few of our holiday storage products. If you prefer something less festive (not red), we have a variety of neutral-colored storage options as well on our china storage page. Enjoy your end-of-season dismantling as you enter the New Year with your renewed sense of the spirit of organizing.

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