Back-to-School Dorm Room Checklist: Bath

Continuing our blog series highlighting our Back-to-School Checklist, we will focus on bath items.  Whether you are sharing a suite bathroom or using communal showers, Organize-It has what you need to keep all of your shower supplies neat and tidy.  Here’s a look at some of our favorite items!


Perfect for college students or anyone who shares a bathroom, the Personal Shower Organizer easily totes toiletries, soap, shampoo and more to and from the shower.   This bag has mesh side walls to let air circulate to dry bottles and loofahs and a drain hole in the botom to let out any water that may accumulate.  When not in use, this mesh tote folds flat for easy storage.  With its three large storage compartments, it’s easy to organize all of your soaps and other shower accessories.  This caddy is available in green, orange, purple, black and white.

If you’re lucky enough to share a suite bathroom, than this Deluxe Euro Satin Nickel Tension Pole Shower Caddy is a must to create more storage space in your shower. This sophisticated and efficient shower organizer caddy features four storage baskets to store all your bath accessories, and a versatile, spring loaded tension design that can fit in vertical spaces between five and nine feet high.  Constructed from rust resistant, commercial grade materials, this shower caddy comes  in a sleek and contemporary satin nickel finish.

Add extra towel storage in a snap with this InterDesign Over the Door Towel Rack. This towel bar fits over interior and shower doors measuring up to 2-1/4″ thick and features three towel bars for hanging bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and more in an elegant polished chrome finish with brushed metal accents.

The OXO Stainless Steel Toothbrush Holder allows you to have a specific place for all of your toothbrushes and your toothpaste right on your vanity. This toothbrush holder holds four oversized toothbrushes and a full tube of toothpaste. The divider features flexible fins that separate the brushes and is removable for easy cleaning. This sleek bathroom accessory will help organize your vanity top while making your bathroom look neater.

Now you can save valuable time during your morning routine by multitasking in the shower with an OXO Good Grips Suction Fogless Mirror. A cool bath accessory ideal for any shower or tub, the mirror allows you to brush your teeth and give yourself a quick shave while you shower or bathe.  Comes with one StrongHold suction cup that attaches securely to tile, glass and other smooth, non-porous surfaces with the push of a button.  A pull release tab allows for quick and simple removal of suction cup from your surface.  The Built-in double toothbrush and razor holder is made from durable, flexible rubber to accommodate a wide variety of handle sizes.


Back-to-School Dorm Room Checklist: Laundry

Is your son or daughter off to college soon? Still haven’t finished dorm room shopping? Don’t know where to start? Fortunately, Organize-It has helped take the stress out of packing up for the fall semester with our Back-to-School‬ Checklist.  On our blog, we will be highlighting the ten sections of the checklist and featuring some of Organize-It’s best products that will help keep your co-ed organized and clutter free throughout mid-terms and finals.  In our first entry, we will tackle laundry organization.  Enjoy!



This Pop Up Laundry Hamper is an excellent mesh laundry bag for gathering laundry in your dorm room. This folding laundry hamper is designed with a sturdy lightweight frame that holds at least one full load of laundry and folds flat for compact storage while not in use. Lightweight design and comfortable nylon carrying handles make it easy to carry up and down stairs, to and from the car, or in and out of the laundromat.  Comes in black, navy, red and white.


Are you unsure of how to wash a baseball cap?  Use this Baseball Cap Washer to easily clean flat and curved rimmed caps. For use in the dishwasher or washing machine, the new design uses less plastic and weighs less, so storage is a breeze.  When you’re done, you can store it in a cupboard for the next clean or use it to hold the shape of caps when they’re not being warn.

Create a quick drying rack in mere seconds with the Pop-Open Mesh Clothes Dryer. This laundry accessory has a spacious design to accommodate garments such as sweaters, pops open for quick use, and then folds flat for simple storage.  An elastic strap keeps drying rack securely closed when collapsed and folds flat for quick and simple storage almost anywhere.  Perfect laundry accessory for traveling, laundry rooms, dorms, or apartment living.

This Stain Remover from Gonzo is an environmentally safe, effective way to remove stains. Simply apply it to lift stains from clothing, carpet, vinyl and upholstery.  It comes in an eight ounce bottle and can also be used to pre-treat tough laundry stains.

New Brands Carried by Organize-It: Cuisinart

Cuisinart is another new brand the Content Team has added to’s stock of over 10,000 items.  Here is a sampling of the Cuisinart items carried by Organize-It:


Start your morning right with a cup of coffee made in this 12 Cup Cuisinart Coffee Maker. You can program this coffee pot to start brewing your coffee at a certain time each morning so you can have your coffee waiting for you when you roll out of bed. You can program it up to 24 hours in advanced and with an auto-shut off you don’t have to worry about your pot burning if you forget to turn it off on your way out the door. If you can’t wait until the pot is full to get your morning fix, the brew pause feature allows you to pause the brewing process so you can pour yourself a cup, without the pot dripping, and then have the coffee maker continue the cycle. An easy-to-read LCD clock is on the front.

Make ice cream and other frozen desserts right at home using the Ice Cream Maker by Cuisinart. Easy to use – you can make your own sorbets, frozen yogurts, and ice cream in less than 20 minutes without a lot of fuss or mess. The double-insulated freezer bowl holds up to 1 1/2 quarts. The bowl is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, for easy clean-up. To use, just throw in the ingredients and turn it on. Everything is mixed automatically with a patent-pending paddle that mixes while simultaneous aerating and freezing the ingredients. A transparent lid enables you to observe the ice cream making process. One of the benefits of making your own ice cream is that you can add your own ingredients to make desserts tailored to your own likes, whether they are healthy or delightfully decadent.

When you have a large household with busy schedules, and you find yourselves standing in line for the toaster and chomping at the bit, it’s time to invest in a 4 slice Cuisinart Toaster.  The toaster is made of attractive stainless steel so you’ll be happy to let it display on your counter for convenience.  Four self-adjusting slots accommodate a variety of thicknesses – from toast to bagels – and have dual temperature controls, which allow you to toast light and dark simultaneously – or toast bagels while you make waffles. Additional controls let you select bagel, defrost, reheat or cancel with the touch of a button (these are also dual controls).

Start your day the right way with the Cuisinart Coffeemaker. Fully programmable with a 12 cup capacity, this premier coffeemaker boasts a slew of fabulous features. The adjustable heater plate keeps your coffee at the temperature you like best – and the brew/pause feature stops spills when pouring coffee mid-cycle. The easy-to-use dials let you program brewing up to 24 hours ahead, select cup settings, and choose auto-shutoff.  The coffeemaker also includes a charcoal water filter, a gold-tone coffee filter, and a green indicator light that alerts you when you should decalcify your machine. When it’s time to clean, a simple auto-clean button does the job for you.



Cuisinart’s Griddler is a 5-in-1 cooking center that functions as a contact grill, panini press, full griddle, and half grill/half griddle. A worthy recipient of many rave reviews, the Griddler combines the best features of other appliances and rolls them all into one fabulous kitchen tool.  Countertop grills, while convenient, often have one sticky drawback: cleaning the plates. Cuisinart plates are removable and dishwasher safe, making the grill instantly more appealing. Another poor selling point on many grills is the lack of temperature control. This device has dual temperature controls for the griddle and grill/panini press, giving you the control of a full size stove.


New Brands Carried by Organize-It: Breville

Breville is another new brand the Content Team has added to’s stock of over 10,000 items.  Founded in Sydney, Australia, Breville makes small kitchen appliances and are the originators of the sandwich toaster.  Here is a sampling of the Breville items carried by Organize-It:



Make healthy snacks for you and your family by extracting the juice out of fruits with this Compact Breville Juice Fountain. Around 70 percent of the nutrients in vegetable and fruits are found in the juice. This juicer transfers less than 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit of heat so more vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes are left in the juice. This machine has a heavy-duty 700 Watt motor and an integrated pulp container that will collect the pulp as the juice is extracted



Make your favorite smoothie or cocktail recipes in this Breville Hemisphere Blender. The jug can hold up to 48 ounces/1.5 liters and has an easy-pour spout so you can easily pour contents into a waiting glass. The bowl is contoured so food does not get trapped in nooks and crannies, thus making it easier to clean. The lid fits snugly on the jug and features a ring pull so it is easy to remove. The dishwasher safe jug fits onto the heavy-duty, die cast metal base easily and without needing to twist or turn



The Breville Fast Slow Cooker is a fabulous cooking gadget that combines slow cooker and pressure cooking functions into one appliance. With saute, sear, slow cook, pressure cook, pressure steam and warm settings, you have the versatility to cook a variety of dishes in a variety of cooking modes. Made of attractive brushed stainless steel, it’s attractive enough to leave in the open for daily use. Included with the cooker are a stainless steel steaming tray and trivet, a heat resistant spatula, a serving spoon, and a measuring cup.



Make a relaxing cup of tea in the evening with the Electric Glass Kettle. The natural purity of the glass ensures you get a more pure boil. With a 1800 W power, the water will boil faster so you do not have to wait very long. The ergonomic handle has a lid release button so you can easily pop the soft opening lid up to fill your glass. The cord is attached to the multi-directional swivel base.. Simply plug the into a socket and switch the illuminated on/off button to the on position. The jug itself is cord free so you can remove it without having to lift the entire unit. The kettle has a 7 cup/ 1.7 liter capacity. A safety device in the kettle will turn the unit off if it senses there is not enough water to boil. An easy-pour spout and wide lid opening allow for quick and easy filling. All parts that come in contact with water are BPA free. Has a limited one year warranty through the manufacturer.



If you are thinking about juicing for a healthier lifestyle, or just want to have freshly squeezed juice a couple of times a week, you can’t go wrong with the Juice Fountain Plus Juicer by Breville. This centrifugal-type juicer is a great juicer with a lot of the features of much higher priced models, while providing similar, if not better performance. The 850 watt motor can handle most tasks from juicing hard beets to softer fruits such as oranges. Two speeds (12000 and 6500 RPM) let you choose the optimal speed for the density of the food you are juicing. Lower speeds extract juice more efficiently from soft foods like citrus fruits.



Start creating tasty recipes in this Breville Toaster Oven. With several temperature settings and a tempered glass door so you can see your food cooking, you can create several different dishes and watch them from start to finish. Ideal for small apartments, dorm rooms, and one to two person households for quick and easy cooking. So break out that recipe book and try some new dishes in this Breville Toaster Oven.

Tips for Storing and Caring for Seasonal Items

At Organize-It, we welcome any and all ideas on how to better organizer your life.  This blog was written by Jenn Young  from Uncle Bob’s storage facility.  If you would like to be a guest blogger for Organize-It, email

The 4th of July has come and gone, and with the holiday cleanup underway, it’s time to remember that closets, cabinets and drawers are the biggest offenders when it comes to the seasonal clutter dilemma.  I think we can all attest to the less than ideal job we do of packing up seasonal decorations and clothes.  For me, taking down the Christmas tree, nativity scene and other items lacks the certain holiday flair I had when I put the items up.  Part of me knows that tossing all the Christmas lights into one giant garbage bag will mostly likely result in their failure to work next Christmas but halfway through the endeavor of taking them down, I simply lose interest in the matter and want the whole process to be done with.

What ends up happening? I find myself seven months down the road in July, that bag has been pushed aside, squished, and moved around to the point where reaching into the garage cabinet to get it out will result in a Jenga-like catastrophe.  But there is a glint of hope at the end of this story.  Through storage trial and error, I have finally learned my lesson.  The following tips and tricks have worked for me so I thought I’d share them, because who knows, they might just work out for you too!

Pitch or Pack

Before you start the process of packing up or even reorganizing a previous storage endeavor, take a moment to lug it all out where you can take it all in at once.  Having all of your seasonal items out in front of you gives you the best idea of what you need and simply, what you don’t.  Before the mass exodus of my decorations I was storing things I knew I would never use.  So each year, there they sat, in the back of my closest, taking up room and impeding on my ability to properly use the space to its full potential.

With each item out in front of you, begin to separate them into different areas based on their importance and how meaningful they are.  If you can look at an item and know that it will never again be proudly displayed on your entertainment center, then it’s probably time for that particular item to go.

With the excess removed from the useful you can now get ready for the second step, putting items in storage.

Find Space

If you have been using a shelf space, closet space, or under the bed space then perhaps it’s time to consider streamlining your seasonal items into one easy to access spot.  If you have the time, move a few things around so all your decorations will be in one central location and through cleanly labeled boxes such as, “Christmas”, “Easter” or, “4th of July” you should have no problem finding what you’re looking for when you need it.

If space is a problem where you live, as it sometimes is for smaller homes or micro urban apartments, you might want to consider using a self-storage space to alleviate clutter and reclaim closets and cabinets.  Using a small storage unit for these seasonal items will free up valuable space for a home office or craft room, and generally only amount to a few short trips per year to retrieve and deposit seasonal items.


You will always want to store your seasonal items safely so they’re protected from moisture, extreme heat and cold, bug infestations and dust. Securing items so they are ready to be used next year is an important process in cutting down on the time it takes to set up and take down.

If you are storing items like blankets, table runners or placemats, then space bags are a great choice for keeping moisture and moths out.  A lot of smaller decorations can fit nicely into a closable plastic container.  Using standardized containers not only maximizes protection, but they are also one of the best ways to make the most of your space.

Storing and retrieving your seasonal items doesn’t have to be a nuisance.  Follow these steps to cut down on time, make the best use of your space and protect your stored items.


Jenn Young is a freelance writer working with Uncle Bob’s storage facility.  She is passionate about beautifying her home and keeping things organized. Jenn currently writes on anything and everything related to storage and keeping things clutter free!

New Brands Carried by Organize-It: Microplane Graters, Cutters and Mills

Organize-It adds new products to its inventory everyday.  Recently,  the Content Department has been adding a number of new brands to our website for our wonderful, loyal customers to explore and enjoy.  One of the new brands that has been added is Microplane, maker of premier-quality kitchen graters, cutters and mills.  Here is a sampling of Microplane items carried by Organize-It:

This Microplane Grater and Zester is the ideal tool to use when grating hard cheeses and zesting citrus.  It’s made from extremely hard and sharp surgical grade steel that is also dishwasher safe.

This dual Cheese Cutter and Grater allows you to choose the thickness of your cheese and get precise results with every use.  This cutter has a small, medium and large cutting setting along with a small ribbon grater surface.

Organize-It carries four different varieties of Microplane Graters.  The Fine Grater is ideal for use on hard cheeses, citrus and spices such as ginger and garlic.  The Coarse and Extra Coarse Graters are great for shredding and prepping potatoes, carrots, apples, cabbage, cucumbers, and soft cheeses in a variety of meals.  The Ribbon Grater can be used on hard or soft foods and cuts bi-directionally, making long, thin strips.

Imagine having fresh herbs quickly milled to perfection and sprinkled on your favorite salad without a bunch of chopping or a big mess to clean up. That is exactly what you get with the Microplane Herb Mill. With a few simple twists of the wrist, this device makes quick work of finely chopping herbs. The secret is in the blades. Unlike a traditional knife, the blade on this herb mill consists of numerous tiny blades with distinct scallops that cut like razors, as you rotate. The rotation produces a scissors-type action, clearly shearing the fibers, rather than tearing and bruising them. Enjoy instant dill in your egg salad, or fresh parsley sprinkled onto your soup. The soft grip lid fits comfortably in your hand, making the gadget a joy to use. The stainless steel blades, while long-lasting, are replaceable for a modest fee, if you should ever wear them out.

The Microplane Cheese Mill makes a wonderful addition to your dinner table and is a wonderful helper in the kitchen when preparing casseroles or lasagnas. Designed to grate large amounts of hard cheese, this rotary cheese grater can hold a large amount in the body and downward push and simple twist of the top grates cheese easily and effectively. Two interchangeable blades allow you to choose the consistency of the cheese so you can grate it into fine or coarse pieces. Designed with a soft-touch handle for comfort and a lid for convenient storage of the blades. Instructions are included all components are dishwasher safe for a quick and easy cleanup. This kitchen aid is designed for use on hard cheeses such as Parmesan, Swiss, and Romano.  Check out the video below to see the Cheese Mill in action.

Turn A Basic Storage Box Into A Practical First Aid Kit

Ask anyone who has ever worked retail, and they will tell you just how easy it is to spend hard-earned cash on the copious amount of items they are surrounded by during their work day.  Many a time, purchases are made spontaneously, but sometimes, actual thought is put into a purchase.

Take for example a recent purchase made by Mary, a writer in’s Content Department.  She recently purchased the Small Iris Snap-Top Plastic Storage Case to transform it into a first aid kit/travel essentials kit for her father, who is constantly on the road as a truck driver.

Sold for only $6.99, this storage box measures 14 inches W x 4 inches H x 10.5 inches D.  It’s amazing that Mary somehow fit all 28 items shown in the photo above.  All of the items in the photo were picked up at a local dollar store, which allowed Mary to create a wonderful, comprehensive first aid/travel kit without breaking the bank.  The only item not purchased at the dollar store are the dog vitamins shown in the top right corner.  Those are for Bert and Ernie, two miniature doberman pinschers who accompany Mary’s father on his trips.

To prove that Mary actually fit all of those items into the storage box, check out the photos below of Mary meticulously packing up the kit:






For curious minds, Mary included the following items in the kit:  sterile pads, first aid scissors, sunblock, self-adhesive bandages, gauze, Neosporin, an Ace bandage, cold medicine, a knee brace, anti-diarrheal pills, allergy pills, antacids, energy pills, saline solution, Ibuprofen, an eye glass repair kit, hydrogen peroxide, dog vitamins, rain poncho, a cool snake, Icy Hot, antibacterial wipes, glow sticks, cotton pads, cold/hot compress, hydrocortisone cream, Orajel, and muscle rub cream.




10,000 Products and Counting reached a rather big milestone recently.  We now carry over 10,000 storage and organizational items on our website!  From custom closets to drawer dividers to shower caddies, has always strived to be your one-stop-shop for all of your organizing and storing needs.

We couldn’t have reached this milestone without the support and loyalty of our wonderful customers.  Whether you have shopped with us from the beginning or just recently made your first purchase, we obviously cannot thank you enough for enabling us to expand our product catalog to provide you with new and innovative items to better organize your home, office, garage and automobile.

Here’s to 10,000 more!


How to Organize Your Home Office – Archive Files

My last entry showed you how to better organize your appointments by giving you tips on how to make the best use of your calendar.  The next area of your home office that I will help you with is your files.  Given that you recently filed your taxes, I am going to focus on archiving files.

There are three main categories of files: reference, action, and archived.  Archived files are reference files that you no longer need to access on a regular basis, but you need to keep for tax, legal or historical purposes.  These files should be stored separately from your reference files to avoid using your “prime real estate” on documents that are seldom accessed.  If you have enough file storage space in your office, you can dedicate a drawer or set of drawers to your archived files.  Often times, the best location to store them is your basement.  My favorite storage solution is the clear stackable plastic file box.  These are inexpensive, portable, and stackable.  Put your hanging files in and label the outside with ‘Archived Files’ and the subject.   They can be stored in a closet, on a shelf, or even stacked on the ground.  Most homes would only need one or two of these.

Past tax papers are the most common type of file archived in homes.  In this example, the IRS recommends that you keep seven years of supporting documentation.  Each year after you file your taxes, add the new file to your archived file box and remove the oldest file.  In the event of an audit, you will be so happy that you know right where to find all the information you need.  Archiving files will also maximize your file space in your home office.


Donna Lindley, Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Rochester Hills, MI-based Organize Your World, Inc


“Went to a Garden Party…”

One of the best parts about the Spring and Summer are all of the fun outdoor activities, like barbecues and garden parties.  Whether your gatherings are casual or fancy, Organize-It has a bunch of supplies to ensure a successful shindig.

These Ceramic Buffet Trays are a great addition to your next party or large gathering. Available in a set of three nesting trays, these Ceramic Buffet Trays come with raised metal stands to prevent heat damage to tables or counter tops. Each tray is safe for the oven, microwave, and dishwasher, letting you go from cooking to serving to cleaning in a snap.  The small stand measures 4 inches tall, medium stand measures 5 3/4 inches tall, and the large stand measures 7 3/4 inches tall.  The trays pictured feature our chrome finish, but we also carry Bronze Ceramic Buffet Trays and Satin Nickel Ceramic Buffet Trays.

These Multicolored Insulated Tumblers are a great addition to your cupboards or fun party. Available in a set of four, these tumblers are BPA free and hold up to 16 ounces of your favorite beverage.   This set comes with one green, one yellow, one blue, and one red cup, making it easier for kids or party guests to keep track of their cups.  These cups are top rack dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze.

Speaking of drinks, these Color Splash Martini Glasses are a bold way to enjoy your favorite cocktail.  Hand crafted, these glasses each feature a splash of color along the stem, allowing you to show your personality while being able to easily identify your glass from that of your guests. The splashes of color include Red, Blue, Green, and Black.  Each glass holds up to 12 fluid ounces.  Is wine your drink of choice?  Organize-It also has wine glasses in the same Color Splash style.

Add life to any party with these fun Party Lights. The flamingos and palm tree lights are great for any summer party or beach themed party.  These lights can be used both indoors and outdoors.   One string of ten lights is included.  We also carry some patriotic star lights, which would be great for Memorial Day or Fourth of July barbecues.

Speaking of patriotic, keep your tablecloths from lifting up in a heavy breeze with these American Flag Tablecloth Weights. Available in a set of four, these tablecloth weights are hand painted in red, white, and blue, and shaped in classic Fourth of July shapes.  Organize-It also carries decorative fish tablecloth weights and ant tablecloth weights.

Turn any empty wine bottle into an elegant candelabra with this Wrought Iron Wine Bottle Candle Holder.  Constructed from sturdy wrought iron to provide lasting beauty and quality, this candle holder has space for two tall candles and one tea light.  The rubber padded stem keeps this wine bottle candle holder secured firmly inside the neck of an empty wine bottle.


Display your favorite fruit in style with this fun and unique Watermelon Serving Bowl. Designed to look like half a watermelon that has been hollowed out, this watermelon bowl is perfect for summer picnics and barbecues  The large serving bowl is perfect for holding fruits and salads and with a 4 inch height and a 9 1/2 inch diameter it can hold up to 3 quarts of food. Made with sturdy earthenware and hand painted to create a unique look and feel, this watermelon fruit bowl is the perfect conversation starter at any social gathering. Hand wash only.  We also carry other watermelon-themed party supplies, like our dip bowl and spreading knife, deviled egg plate and insulated tumblers.