DIY ideas: Kids crafts organization and storage

Kids are fond of crafting. What’s great about them is that they enjoy every step along the way, rather than the end result. A lesson for parents, too. However, when kids get crafty, you soon find out you don’t know where to store all the finished projects. Here are a few storage and organization ideas for your kids’ crafts that you may fall in love with. Don’t miss out.

Wall storage


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  • Go for bookshelves to store and display your kids’ masterpieces: Here go all pictures and drawings, postcards, magnets, carved or engraved wood pieces, etc etc etc. Additionally, you can place all other crafts that fit in.
  • Use hanging storage: For example, you can use gift wrap and craft storage hangers that have separate compartments and pouches, perfect for storing different sized projects.

As much as you want to, you can’t display all your children’s crafts, but it doesn’t mean you should get rid of them. Use these organization and storage ideas to keep everything in place. Get creative and who knows what you will come up with. It’s going to be fun for your kids, too.

Floor storage

  • Go with clean wood crates on wheels: Large and durable, crates make fantastic storage space. They come in different size and forms to fit your specific organizing needs. A couple of crates can hold not only your kids’ crafts, but also all necessary craft supplies.If you don’t want to buy a rolling crate, just glue or screw a few old boards down and add wheels. Want to know how to make one yourself? It can become your favorite vintage crate.
  • Opt for see-through plastic storage bins (with lids): Many smart parents use plastic storage bins to store their sons’ favorite Legos. However, you can store so much more in plastic storage bins. What’s great about them is that they are transparent and your kids can easily find their stuff without scattering all the contents across the floor. They also come in different sizes, so it’s easy to pick the one that meets your needs. A bin can hold wood craft match sticks, glitter, glue, buttons, mini clothespins, stretch magic, jewelry and other craft supplies as well as handmade crafts that will be easy to see. The best thing about plastic bins is that they can be placed on desks, shelves, on the floor and anywhere else in the room.
  • Use under-bed drawers/containers: Want those kids’ arts out of sight but still within easy reach? Use an old drawer or a bulky container that can fit in under your child’s bed. Feel free to decorate it to your small one’s liking. Place all crafts you can inside. The good thing is, since it’s going to be under your kid’s bed, it won’t mess around with the other stuff you store on shelves, desks or tables. Which means you’ll still have enough space to keep everything else organized.

Other storage ideas

  • Take advantage of desk space: If your children have a large desk, it can be converted into a storage area where they will put their recent crafts and – why not – their craft supplies. Considering that the desk is positioned near a wall, you can also use the wall space to hang some of their best craft projects. Use storage organizers, such as shelves, bins and baskets, drawers, containers, carts, holders, etc., to hold all items. You can find a variety of storage containers online and anywhere else in brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Use clean bags: This Hoopla project is another amazing idea to store your kids’ crafts but you will have to put some work into it. Make as many bags as necessary to hold and organize your children’s crafts and enjoy the beauty. They can be hung on a wall anywhere in the room.

As much as you want to, you can’t display all your children’s crafts, but it doesn’t mean you should get rid of them. Use these organization and storage ideas to keep everything in place. Get creative and who knows what you will come up with. It’s going to be fun for your kids, too.

Contributed thanks to Anna Aamone. Anna runs a small company called DeluxeCleaners SW5 and loves to write about parenting.


Halloween safety tips for the best trick-or-treating!

It’s time! Crunchy leaves, fun costumes and LOTS of candy. This sugar-high of a holiday is anticipated by kids of all ages, but there is a decent amount of planning that should go into your trick-or-treating to make Halloween safe for your family.

Make sure you are prepared before hitting the town. There are a lot of things you can bring along with you, but the best thing to remember is simple: a flashlight. Small key-chain LED lights are prefect because you can buy one for each kid. Plus, they can be attached to costumes or treat pals.

Looking for treats with little ones? Try using a wagon to move them along. This can save time,  help you keep them safe when crossing streets and give you space to store extra candy as well! This folding style wagon is perfect for such an outing.

If you’re expecting a big haul, lets kids use the cute little treat pals of their liking, but have mom or dad carry a large tote bag. Every time the pal fills up, empty it into the tote and lighten the load for kids. This way you can keep hitting houses without weighing down the fun.

And finally, when you get your loot home, store it in an airtight plastic tote to keep it fresh. This way your candy will last much longer.

Organize-It welcomes holiday shopping season with lowered shipping rates

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