Back-to-School Lunch Accessories – Top 10

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Back-to-School Lunch Accessories – Our Top 10 Picks for the New School Year

It’s now August and the school year’s quickly approaching. Where did the summer go? Well, there’s still a little left, so be sure to savor it, but it’s not too early to start planning for school. Most likely, the priority school concerns are: transportation, school clothes, gathering and packing basic school supplies, locker organizing and, one of the most time consuming – packing lunches.

Lunches don’t have to be hard with careful planning. Check out our back-to-school Pinterest board for lots of back-to-school ideas, including great lunch accessories, meal planning, learning aids and more. For your convenience, we’ve compiled our top 10 favorite lunch accessories for easy, no-brainer, back-to-school shopping. Enjoy our slides above and use the links below to learn more about these handy lunch accessories. Most of these are from the Fuel line by Trudeau, and it’s no accident they’re on our top 10 list because they make super-high-quality products (and many even come with warranties).

1. Reusable Lunch Bag

Eco-friendly, with the added benefit of insulation, this reusable lunch bag has the nostalgic value of a good old paper sack without the waste. Modern and lightweight, the bag is made from BPA-free polyethylene, is foam-padded, and costs only $13.99.

2. Bento Lunch Box

Pack an entire meal in a single container with the Bento lunch box. Two removable compartments hold up to 45 ounces of food. One container has an open design, and the other one has three compartments to separate vegetables, fruits or snacks. This Japanese-style box is space-efficient, and can be tucked neatly into backpacks, briefcases and purses. It’s safe for the dishwasher and costs only $14.99.

3. Mini Condiment Containers

Nothing is more disappointing than a soggy salad on your first day of school (or any time). These mini-condiment containers are perfect for slipping dressings, condiments, or mini-servings of relishes and other foods into your pumpkin’s lunch. They snap together for stackable storage and are safe for the dishwasher. They come in sets of three, hold 2 ounces each and, for only $3.99 per set, you can buy a fleet of them.

4. Snack Container

Celery, carrots, breadsticks, pretzels and other snacks travel happily in this snack container. A small end compartment is perfect for dips, peanut butter or nuts and, at 6.75 inches, it takes up little room in a backpack or lunch box. Cost: $3.99.

5. Insulated Sandwich Wrap

salad wrap smallIt’s not just for sandwiches! The insulated sandwich wrap keeps burritos, pitas and rollups warm and ready to eat. It measures 15.5 by 17 inches and has a foil lining for insulation and a Velcro closure and carrying strap. Cost: $7.99.

6. Soup Containers

These lightweight soup containers keep liquids warm or cold and feature a leak-proof design for secure usage. Each container stores 16 ounces of soup, pasta, casserole or other foods and has convenient, built-in handles. Cost: $8.99 each and available in two color choices.

7. Sandwich Box

The sandwich box is our other eco-friendly pick. Reduce plastic waste by packing sandwiches in this reusable plastic box. It’s BPA-free and includes a limited-lifetime manufacturers warranty. Cost: $4.99.

8. Travel Cutlery

Here’s another reusable lunch accessory for eco-friendly lunches: the travel cutlery set. No more disposable plastic! Plus, it saves you money in the long run. Cost: $4.99.

9. Salad Container

salad to go smallSalads make a nutritional lunch accompaniment while providing lots of vitamins to your kiddo. This secure salad container holds 40 ounces of salad, has a slim profile, and includes an ice pack to keep it cold until lunch hour. Combine it with the condiment containers for a tasty, non-soggy meal. Cost: $14.99.

10. Insulated 12-Ounce Food Container

Hot or cold, beverages and soups travel well in this food container. Super-compact, at only 7.5 inches high, this insulated carrier keeps your honey’s food at the right temperature for eating. Cost: $9.99.

For more back-to-school lunch accessories, as well as back-to-school supplies of all kinds, check out the Organize-It website or use the “shop” link on the menu bar.

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Stackable Plastic for Space-Efficient Dorm Storage


Get ready for the dorm move ahead of time with shopping ideas from our blog. You know your dorm is not going to have enough storage room (I can guarantee it having been there). Here are a few ideas for storage and you might also enjoy some of the dorm organizing blog posts at the Organize-It Blog.

iris stacking bins


Iris stacking bins are great for food, socks, odds-and-ends, whatever you want to store in them. The beauty is that you can use as many, or as few as you need. The semi-clear plastic lets you easy see what’s inside and the open front makes your goods accessible. They come in two different widths – 4.25 and 5.5 inches and range in price from $1.99-$3.99 (with quantity discounts).

stackable drawer bin

This clear acrylic stackable drawer bin is perfect for storing shoes or other items on a closet shelf, dresser or desk. At only $8.99, you can buy as many as you need, and when you move out of the dorms, you can repurpose them for something else.

stackable storage basket


The stackable plastic storage basket is great for toiletries, makeup, digital devices, and anything else you need to store. It comes in 9.25 or 14-inch sizes, and in green, pink, frosted white or light blue colors. The movable handle makes it easy to carry, but folds down when not in use. Prices range from $6.99 to $9.99.

stackable makeup box


This stackable makeup box will keep your beauty kit organized and accessible and having the capability to stack additional drawers is just dreamy. It’s not just for cosmetics, either, you could put jewelry, i.d.s or a variety of small items inside for safe keeping. It’s 13.5 inches wide and 2.65 inches high for compact storage and the drawer includes a thick handle. Price: $25.99.

K-Cup Storage


Okay, this isn’t really stackable, but it’s hard for me to think about dorms and studying without interjecting coffee into the picture (so I’m adding this in as a bonus). If you’re a coffee addict like me, you might need a little Keurig brewer on your dorm desk. And here’s the bin to store your K-cups. It’s 5 inches wide and holds up to 40 K-Cups for your favorite Keurig morning cuppa and costs only $29.99.


Make More Space in Your Dorm Room


super-easy ways to make more space in your doorm room

Bed Risers and Under-Bed Boxes

under-bed shoe storageIf you have a single bed, you ‘ll be amazed at how much you can store under it, especially if you add some bed risers to increase the height. Even if you only have a twin bed, you have about 16 feet to play with, plus whatever height you can add using bed risers. Space under you bed is great for storing towels, linens, sweaters, shoes, coats and other items you might not need all the time. Specialty boxes are available just for under-bed use including shoe storage boxes, roll-out plastic storage drawers with wheels, and a variety of other under-bed solutions.

Vertical Storage Strategies and Specialty Closet Hangers

Unless you are extremely gifted at the art of minimalism, your dorm room is just not going to have enough storage. As with any small space, think vertical. You’ll find lots of storage space you didn’t know you had on unused walls, behind doors, and beneath clothes hanging in your closet. Read more useful information in our vertical organizing blog post.

Compact Clothes Folding Methods

Your dorm drawers are going to be too small and you won’t have enough of them, unless, of course, you are a super-evolved minimalist, which you may very well be. But don’t despair, you can double or even triple your drawer space by learning to fold your clothes efficiently. For jeans, rolling them as you would when traveling is probably the most efficient method. You can pack a whole lot of t-shirts into a drawer by using our method and stacking them sideways. I was able to pack about 60 shirts in my drawer using this method. I also threw out about 20 t-shirts in the folding process, as I accepted that other people find my stained and holey t-shirts uncompelling. Also, no human needs that many shirts…

Socks are more efficiently stored by simple folding or stacking. Rolling them deforms the elastic and actually takes up more space. Plus, folded socks can be stacked atop each other.

tidy snap fastenersHate folding? Well, there are two gadgets that can make your life easier. One is a t-shirt folding board and the other are the Tidy Snap fasteners, which take a second to fasten, and keep underwear and other small items neatly rolled for uniformly filling drawers. Easy to use and inexpensive, these products are great if you’re one of those non-fussy, inpatient people and you want to add a little tidiness to your drawers.

Over-Door Organizers

Over-door organizers are the bees knees for organizing your stuff. Most fit over standard doors and a huge variety of styles are available to store shoes, purses, jewelry, towels, clothes and lots of other things. Over-door organizers are one of those things that can be repurposed for a variety of uses – especially some of the soft shoe organizers. You can use the pockets for jewelry, socks, underwear, devices, and everything that doesn’t have a secure storage location in your home.

Magazine Holders

magazine-holderMagazine holders aren’t just for magazines. Use them for all of those paper things that get scattered around your room. Yeah, you are probably very digital and most things live inside your laptop or iPad, but think receipts, takeout menus, pizza coupons, notes to self, love notes from others or self ;-), course books, and all those paper vestiges of the old world order need a place to be. Put them in the magazine holder so they don’t get lost. You can also put non-paper items in them (see below). Magazine holders come in a variety of styles, materials and colors including bamboo, black, red and green. They make great decorative accents along with providing extra storage in your dorm room.

Repurpose Stuff You Already Own

It’s okay to get creative and make up your own storage solutions by repurposing stuff you already own. Silverware organizers are great for organizing jewelry, devices and a variety of other items. You’ll find lots of uses for magazine holders and other storage items on Pinterest or all over the internet.

Collapsible Laundry Storage

Laundry and laundry baskets tend to hog a lot of space in your dorm room or closet. Two things can reduce this clutter: a regular washing schedule and collapsible laundry bags/sorters. Oh, and a third, fold your laundry and put it away as soon as it’s clean. That way it won’t accumulate around your room or take up valuable surface space.

Baskets for Everything

Baskets are a great way to organize and store a variety of possessions and they come in a huge array of styles, sizes and are made in a range of materials from wicker to fabric to wire. They look great inside a closet shelf, on your desk, on bookcase, or on top of a dresser. Use them for linens, clothing, papers, craft items, magazines and more. Baskets make a great decorative element as they add texture and style to your dorm room. I’ve even seen people attach flat baskets to walls for inexpensive, temporary shelving. This is especially effective for bathroom storage of towels and other essentials.