Survive hot days with delicious fruit infused water

Infused waters are an excellent way to cool down — and with the last hot days of summer approaching, there’s no better time than now to start exploring their benefits. Acclaimed to have the magic powers to help you detox and slim down, fruit infused water is a healthy alternative to fruit juice. So grab your favorite water bottle, carafe or pitcher:

water1Water infuser

This infusing pitcher is top of the line. This pitcher comes with three different inserts: a mesh tea steeper, a perforated fruit infuser and a solid insert for ice. Make your favorite fruit infusions, homemade iced tea or keep mixed drinks cool without watering them down. This glass pitcher is BPA free and dishwasher safe. Use it hot or cold and enjoy the gasket seal which offers a spill-proof pour.

Fruit infusion pitcherwater2

This simple pitcher is perfect for those just looking to try infused water. The middle insert is designed to hold fresh fruit, herbs and veggies in place while the side slits allow the flavor and nutrients to seep into the water. The clear finish makes an excellent display piece during a get together and the entire piece is super easy to clean. This acrylic pitcher is long-lasting and durable – perfect for standing up to the wear and tear of a busy family home.

Tumbler infuser

water4It doesn’t matter how fast paced your life is, delicious fruit infused water is still obtainable. This great tumbler is also an infuser – perfect for hot loose leaf tea and cold water alike. This piece is also BPA free and features a leak-proof seal. Th double wall insulation keeps beverages cold and hot while the convenient soft grip makes travel easy. Add you favorite natural flavors and throw this tumbler in your backpack, gym bag, lunch box and anywhere else you need to easily take it on the go.


Check our our favorite recipes:

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Go back to college with these dorm room necessities

The list of dorm room essentials is a never ending trail of miscellaneous products – quite a few of which will most likely sit untouched the entire semester. Before you get carried away and over buy, sit down and write down what you think you need – then dissect it. Consider these overlooked ideas:

Filtered water pitcher

college1At first the idea of having a heavy duty filtering water pitcher at hand may seem like over kill, but keep this in mind: most dorm rooms do not have sinks. And unless you have no problem constantly filling up bottles in the drinking fountain or – dare I say it – the bathroom sink, you’ll want to have fresh water on hand. A lot of new college student’s struggle maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of clean water is the easiest way to combat that. Find a model that fits in your provided mini-fridge and enjoy a glass of fresh water without leaving the room.

Coffee pot

college2This may seem like a large purchase as well, but one trip to Pinterest will show you that the uses for a standard coffee pot are limitless in a dorm room. Yes, caffeine intake is necessary for a good study session, but there are a lot of other things these staple appliances can accomplish. Steam veggies, make instant oatmeal or mac & cheese, boil hot dogs and make the classic college delicacy – that’s right, the good ol’ cup o noodles. You can even get crafty and buy a small pan to fry an egg or a grilled cheese on the bottom hot plate. It’s up to you.

Vertical storage pieces

You don’t need me to tell you that dorm rooms have very limited space. That’s why it’s important to think vertically when it comes time to organize. Apply door and wall organizers to keep possessions in place. Get creative with how you use these storage pieces too — An over the door shoe organizer can be used to store cleaning products, snack foods and more.

Lap desk

college3Yes, when you move into your dorm room you will be provided with two pieces of furniture, one being a desk. But believe me when I tell you that you won’t always want to sit in front of it. A good, sturdy lap desk makes studying more comfortable and laid back. Crawl into bed and study for an exam or type up a paper without worrying about your computer overheating. A lap desk can always be used to watch movies in bed or eat dinner on the couch without having to balance plates or bowls on your lap. For an inexpensive addition, a lap desk can make daily college life extremely more comfortable.

Bean bag chair

college4The classic. It may seem silly now, but trust me you will be grateful for the extra seating. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or just wanting to relax with some Netflix, this lounging bean bag chair is your savior.

Most importantly be safe, be smart and be open-minded. Every year of your college life will help you grow and experience the world around you in new ways. Good luck!

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Celebrating Buy Michigan Week

This one is for our local friends.
Organize-It is based in Michigan – our warehouse is in Rochester Hills and if you’ve been to our storefront, you know it’s in Shelby on the corner of 25 Mile Road and Dequindre. Naturally, we’re big promoters of goods made in our beloved mitten state.

This week, July 27 to Aug. 2, has been declared Buy Michigan Week by Governor Rick Snyder. To celebrate, we want to take this opportunity to highlight a couple Michigan based manufacturers that we love working with.


whitehall-1Whitehall Products is based in Montague, Mich. Recognized as the worlds largest manufacturer of weathervanes, Whitehall offers lots of classic, customizable indoor and outdoor accents. The manufacturer specializes in mailboxes and address plaques, but they also offer lots of garden accents including hose holders, birdbaths, bird-feeders and sundials. You can also find lots of indoor/outdoor clocks, thermometers and personalized doormats on their site.

House Art

A little closer to home for us here at Organize-It is House Art, a exterior decor manufacturer based in Rochester, Mich. Our friends in Rochester offer some beautiful home address characters as well as stylish, modern mailbox designs and doorbell plates. We love the simplicity and clean look of their products – they seamlessly accent any home. Their popular house characters are available in a multitude of sizes, styles and colors. houseart-3

We are excited to work with local manufactures and happy to support such a wonderful event. Happy Buy Michigan Week -support your local businesses!