How-to: Pet toy organization and storage

We love our fury friends, but we do not love the mess that comes with them. We may have little control over their messy eating habits, sloppy kisses and whirlwind hair shedding abilities, but we can take control over the clutter of their toys.

If you’re anything like me, you love to spoil your four legged buddy. My main man, Pablo, has all the toys, cat nip and scratching posts a kitty could dream of – and I’m the lucky one who trips over all of it day and night.

Regardless of whether your best friend is canine, feline or anything else – pet toy storage and organization is an easy task to tackle if you follow these basic steps:

Clean up

The first thing you’ll need to do is gather all of your bud’s toys from around the house. Once you do this, you can sort through them and decide what to keep and what to toss. To make the decision easier, look for the following and get rid of anything that falls under the category:

  • Broken: if it doesn’t do what’s supposed to do anymore, trash it. Pet toys that are broken pose a greater risk of choking or swallowing for rough players.
  • Old and/or dirty: If it’s been chewed down to the bare bones, dragged through the dirt or simply over played with, get rid of it. These toys are a breeding ground for germs and mold.
  • Unfavorable: Have a toy that you friend seems to show no interest in? Donate it to your local shelter and help out a pup in need.
  • Wash: When Pablo was a kitten I gave him a teddy bear. That thing has become his best friend. I can’t tell you how many times I have sewn it up just to watch him unleash his inner pint-sized lion on it. Those favorite toys are hard to get rid of, but they can be cleaned properly. Plush toys can be soaked, hand washed or thrown in the washing machine. You can even wet them and place them in the microwave to steam away any germs. Hard toys, like chews, can be soaked or placed in the top rack of the dishwasher to sanitize.


Once you have sorted through toys, it’s time to think storage. There are three points to consider: whether your pet’s behavior favors covered or uncovered storage, whether you need indoor and outdoor storage and, finally, placement.

When deciding whether you need covered or uncovered toy storage, consider your pet’s behavior. Do you trust them to access toys and play at their own discretion? Would you prefer to keep an eye on them while they play? Or do you have a mix of both?

ottomanI always make sure Pablo has a few toys floating around the house, but I prefer to keep the majority out of his reach. If you’re the same, the Pet Toy Storage Ottoman is an excellent solution. This storage piece boasts not only great capacity, including two inner pockets, but it adds extra seating or a great nap spot for your fury friend. This functional piece is attractive too. The classic chevron pattern in neutral gray and white tones compliments any home décor, and the playful paw print decal is the perfect whimsical accent. A detachable divider allows you to separate toys as needed.

If you’re looking for something a little easier to tote around the house, the Pet Toy Basket is a great addition to your play time. This fabric lined tote has two side rope handles, making it a cinch to move from room to room. Fill it up with toys, treats, bones and more – this tote is ready for the job. A soft beige color accents any modern décor and the same fun paw print decal adds the perfect, subtle label.tote

If you believe you are in need of outdoor toy storage as well, consider keeping a second basket by the door or adding outdoor storage like the Small Storage Bucket. If you need bigger or covered storage outside, The Outdoor Storage Box and Seat is sure to get the job done. This small sized deck box is an extra seat on the patio, as well as weather-proof storage for outdoor play things.

In the same breath, consider your placement. If you’re keeping toys outside, keep them close to the door. Inside, consider the living room or a spare bedroom where your pet likes to spend most of their time. The Toy Basket can easily be placed atop a bookshelf, while the Storage Ottoman is just at home with the rest of your living room furniture.

Bonus pet storage tips

  • Leash and accessories: Be ready to go for a walk by keeping collars, leashes, disposal bags and more in one place. Utilize storage like the Pet Storage Hooks by the back door to tackle this project.hooks
  • Nip: Keep cat nip fresh by storing it in an air tight container and placing it in the fridge or freezer.
  • Grooming: Tidy up hair brushes, shampoo and more by keeping items in a storage caddy under the bathroom sink, in the linen closet or laundry room.

Follow these basic steps and spend time playing with your best friend, not cleaning up after them.

Find more cool pet storage supplies plus easy ways to clean up after fury friends on our Pinterest page.

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Trending: Chic copper finishes create a bold statement

Copper saw a trend boom last year and the golden finish shows no signs of slowing down in 2015.

We’ve recently had an influx of new copper items that we’re really excited about. When the following items first showed up in my office, I was hesitant. I see a lot of different finishes on any given day, but this brassy copper – I just wasn’t sold.

As the pieces sat on my desk, awaiting keyword research and an appropriate copy block, they won me over. Copper is not a color for the neutral at heart – it’s for the stylistically daring. It’s bold, sharp and demands attention. No wonder I like it…

The metallic finish pairs well with rosy pink or mint green hues – plus it adds unmistakable warmth to any color pallet. If you follow us on Pinterest, you’ve seen our Copper Chic board recently. Here are a few notable pieces:

For her

This Stacking Jewelry Organizer was the piece that won me over – its design is so unique and clean. The two concrete holders provide tons of space to store bracelets, rings and other jewelry. Felt lined bottoms protect contents and both pieces stack together to conserve space. The copper-finished, zinc-constructed lid also acts as a tray so you can keep favorite pieces accessible. jewelry-1

This organizer is ideal for the pieces you wear every day – necklaces, earrings or rings. Keep it stashed on your bathroom counter, personal vanity or your nightstand to stow away delicate pieces before getting in the shower or tucking in to bed for the evening. I’d even like to keep it close to the kitchen sink to slip off rings when doing the dishes or baking.

For clutter

These Copper Metal Baskets are the perfect simple storage solution for the entire home. Available in two different sizes, these sturdy steel baskets come in a handsome copper finish. Perfect for the kitchen pantry, closets, bookshelves and more, each basket comes with a label plate to help create an efficient organizing system.

copper-basketA front loop makes these decorative storage pieces a cinch to take down from high shelves or pull out from tight spaces. Stash away dry goods in the kitchen, kids toys or magazines in the living room, sort essentials in the bedroom or linen closet – utilize them anywhere you’d like! Either tuck them away for concealed storage or display them for a modern touch of style.

For the kitchen

Metallics are a great way to make a bold accent in the kitchen – and we have an excellent collection of copper culinary accessories to adorn your countertops:

  • The Jumbo Paper Towel Holder is a simple way to store and access paper towel while maintaining a sleek décor. The crisp, clean lines make this holder a compelling design on your countertop or dining table. The design includes an arm to make separating pieces of paper towel a cinch, even with one hand.
  • Display and preserve bananas as they ripen with this stunning Copper Banana Holder. Made from heavy-duty bent steel rod with a copper finish, this handsome banana rack keeps your fruit from getting bruised by keeping if off the countertop and out of fruit bowls. It’s made from .375-inch thick bent and welded rod and offers a modern look to a classic accessory.
  • Display your favorite coffee mugs and create an elegant java bar in your kitchen with the Coffee Cup Holder. Handsome and compact at only 6.75 W x 15 H x 6.75 D inches, this mug tree stores up to six large cups.

Add brilliance to your home décor with these copper pieces and more like them at organizit.com.




Trending: Bungalow flooring is colorful, fun and protective

I don’t mean to brag, but Bungalow Flooring mats have been selling like crazy on our site lately. Now, I’d like to take the credit and contribute it to my flawless content writing, but I know that’s not the case. These rugs speak for themselves and people are listening.

Bungalow rugs are built to last. They’re non-skid and resistant to mold, mildew, fading and cracking. They come in a vast variety of colors, shapes, sizes, patterns and images – yes, images.

One of the biggest selling points of Bungalow Flooring is color choices. Most Bungalow rugs come in up to 19 different colors – so finding something to match your personal style is super easy. All rugs (aside from the photorealistic) come in a variety of patterns as well.

Plus, these rugs are all made right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. With July 4th coming up, I know everyone is filled to top-capacity with American pride and these colorful, problem solving, floor protecting and just down right affordable rugs are the perfect way to support home-grown companies.



All photos courtesy Bungalow Flooring

Ok, I need to be honest. These photorealistic rugs are my favorite – they add a whole new aspect of depth and character in a way I never imagined before.

The high quality images make you feel like you’re standing on the real thing, whether it’s a sandy beach, rustic barn wood or a stone pathway. Customer favorites already seem to be the Beach Scene, White Wash and Cabin. All rugs are low-profile, non-slip and sit securely on hard floors like concrete, tile and hardwood – although they would be perfectly at home on your living room carpet as well. The neoprene backing adds a little extra cushion for aching joints and the polyester front is color-safe so it can be machine washed without worry. These padded mats come in multiple sizes to best accommodate any room or hall.

I am a total nerd for these rugs. That is definitely something I never thought I would say in this lifetime, but they’re just so unique.

Problem Solvers

Not all rugs are about good looks – although these convenient floor savers are no strain on the eyes either. Bungalow’s self-proclaimed Problem Solvers are a collection of entryway, stairway, holiday, fireplace/hearth and garage rugs.

Boot Mats are an excellent way to invite guests into your home without the mess and Bungalow has the design perfected. Each boot tray has a rubber lip to keep water, leaves and dirt on the mat and not on the floor. Textured patterns help scrap gunk off the bottom of shoes. These convenient trays are perfect all year long; keep muddy shoes contained in the spring and fall – and give salty, snowy boots a proper place to dry all winter long.bungalow_boot

Another successful Problem Solver is the Carpet Stair Treads. These rug sets are designed to sit atop steps and protect staircases – carpeted or wood – from wear and mess. These non-slip mats secure footing and absorb excess moisture. A durable, rubber backing keeps them in place.

The Hallway Runners have also been incredibly popular as of late. These polypropylene rugs are perfect for foyers as well as hallways and can be used either indoor or outdoor. All styles are resistant to mold, cracking, fading and mildew.


It should be known by now that all of us here at Organize-It are animal lovers. So we’re always excited about cool, new pet products. Our favorite pet-friendly offerings from Bungalow are the Pet Bowl Mat, the Personalized Pet Mat and the Bone-Shaped Dog Mat.

bungalow_petAll three of these mats sit securely underneath your furry friend’s food and water bowls – protecting your floors from mess, while containing the inevitable whirlwind of kibble and water that we are all too familiar with. Obviously, the Bone-Shaped choice is a perfect match for canines, but the Bowl and Personalized Mats make a great eating station for kitties too. Both of these choices are non-skid, lipped to contain mess as well as resistant to mold, mildew and other extreme elements.

We work with a lot of vendors here at Organize-It and it’s always great to build a new relationship with another company. Bungalow Flooring is an Atlanta based leader of doormats, scatter rugs and accent flooring. We carry a hefty portion of their products and plan on offering more in the near future.

Find these Bungalow Flooring products and more on our website: http://bit.ly/1JUgAtX.

Until next time,